Sevendust – Black Out the Sun

So, I got Sevendust’s new CD Black Out the Sun this morning, and have gone through it start to finish 3 times. This band RARELY makes a misstep, and nine albums in, seems to get stronger with each new release.

After a short intro, “Faithless” and “Till Death” serve as an uppercut/right hook combo to the head, before “Mountain” ushers in a nice tempo change, and is definitely one of the best moments on the album.

“Black Out The Sun” slows things down for a brief moment, lulling you into a false sense of security before “Nobody Wants It” and “Decay” resume the sonic beatdown. Lajon’s soaring vocals, coupled with the ferocity and intensity of the band’s playing, serves up what is sure to be one of THE Best Metal Releases of 2013.

Standout tracks: ALL OF THEM.

Highly Recommend: 9/10

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