Stryper – Second Coming

When I first heard there was a new Stryper album in the works, I was understandably excited. After all, 2009’s Murder By Pride was an absolute home run, and the ensuing tour was out of this world!

Then I learned that the “new album” was 14 classics re-recorded with the 2 obligatory new songs, and I was, well, disappointed, to say the least. And that’s for selfish reasons. I wanted new music, and I wanted it NOW!!

But a funny thing happened on the way to Disappointment St…these new versions KILL!!!

Obviously, they’re tuned down a step, due to everyone getting older, but there is a punch there that, dare I say it, was missing from some of the original recordings, most notably in “Loud N’ Clear”, and “Loving You” from The Yellow and Black Attack. The rhythm section really anchors these tracks well, and they sound powerful coming out of your car stereo.

The songs that really stood out were “The Rock That Makes Me Roll” and “Reach Out” off of Soldiers Under Command. Nice arrangements, guys!!

The 6 songs off of To Hell With the Devil not only sound great, they take me back to 1986, being 13 years old, and waiting in line for hours to meet them at an in-store at Agents of Fortune in Massapequa Park. Good times!

As far as the 2 new songs go, to quote Dom DeLouise… “Nice. Not THRILLING, but nice.” But, hey, they’re new songs on a classics record, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Overall, I enjoyed this record, and I think longtime fans will as well.

RATING: 8/10

2 comments to “Stryper – Second Coming”
2 comments to “Stryper – Second Coming”
  1. I really like “Blackened” as far as the new songs go. The re-recordings without all the 80’s excessive reverb are rocking. I wish the real Dokken would go back and do that. Their music is plagued by those dated production values.

  2. Yeah, this was one that really was well-done. The brand new album No More Hell to Pay is friggin’ awesome!!! If you haven’t picked it up, I can’t stress the urgency of doing so!

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