Device, or Disturbed Lite

Let me preface this by saying I think David Draiman is a terrific vocalist, writer, and frontman in Disturbed. His interviews are always insightful, he is great to all of his fans, and he is a genuinely nice guy.

That said, I do not feel the same about Device, his side project with Geno Lenardo (ex-Filter). This album is NOT good. Not at all. Not even the heavyweight guest stars can save this thing.

Geezer Butler, Tom Morello, M. Shadows, and Glenn Hughes all lend their considerable talents to songs that fall flat 30 seconds in. The only bright spots on the record are “Close My Eyes Forever” ft. Lzzy Hale that BURIES the original, and “Out of Line” ft. Serj Tankian.

Everything else sounds like watered down Disturbed songs, particularly from the Indestructible album, with some programming & synth thrown in because this is being marketed as an “Industrial” project (“Vilify” and “Opinion” are the worst offenders!). I cannot in good conscience recommend this album.

Standout Track: “Close My Eyes Forever”

RATING: 3/10

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