Top 5 Two-Guitarist Bands

So, we’re going to start featuring a Top 5 List from time to time.

I thought we’d start off with a simple one:

Top 5 Two-Guitarist Bands

(I’ll go first.)

1. Iron Maiden     Adrian Smith  –  Dave Murray
2. Judas Priest    K.K. Downing  –  Glenn Tipton
3. Queensryche  Chris DeGarmo  –  Michael Wilton
4. Testament       Alex Skolnick  –  Eric Peterson
5. Slipknot           Jim Root  –  Mick Thompson

Ok, you guys are up. Give us your top 5, and/or feel free to rip mine apart. -Damian

4 comments to “Top 5 Two-Guitarist Bands”
4 comments to “Top 5 Two-Guitarist Bands”
    • Well musically speaking that is. Don’t get me wrong I love Slipknot and I know these guys are ridiculous but don’t deny the shred man.

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