Amon Amarth – “Deceiver Of the Gods”

Imagine yourself on a ship full of Vikings, ready to hit the shores of some unconquered land. Now imagine yourself swinging a broadsword and separating limbs from bodies as you fight in glorious battle to the death.

That is the imagery conjured up by Amon Amarth on new single, and title track from their forthcoming album, “Deceiver Of the Gods”. It features the usual array of chunky riffs, growling vocals, and general badassery that IS this band.

via Flickr / Watt_Dabney’s photos via Getty Images

Is it groundbreaking? No. It is exactly what I’ve come to expect from a band that never fails to put me in the mood to sack, pillage, drink ale and bed wenches!! Although, one look at me and you guys know THAT ain’t happening! Still, a great great track. Can’t wait till June 21st release date!

RATING: 8.5/10

One comment to “Amon Amarth – “Deceiver Of the Gods””
One comment to “Amon Amarth – “Deceiver Of the Gods””
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