Megadeth – “Super Collider”

Just when you thought Dave Mustaine couldn’t be any more of a whiny douche, he unleashes on the masses “Super Collider”, the title track from Megadeth’s upcoming album.

This song flat out sucks!! It sounds like middle-of-the-road, middle-aged rock. Almost like he was trying to write his own version of “Life Is A Highway”. Hokey, artificially uplifting lyrics over a generic guitar line make for the worst song since ANYTHING to come off the abomination that was 1999’s Risk album.

This sounds like something Creed rejected during the Human Clay sessions (Relax, not bashing Creed! I like ’em.), and really REALLY made me wanna jump out a 6th floor window. I pray I never hear it again in this lifetime, or the next.


One comment to “Megadeth – “Super Collider””
One comment to “Megadeth – “Super Collider””

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