Sevendust / Coal Chamber- The Palladium – Dallas, TX 4/28/13

Chela Rhea Harper of Coal Chamber at The Palladium - Dallas, TXIt was Sunday night, and the final event in my weeklong “40th Birthday Crazyfest”. I was on pins and needles for Sevendust all day and was bouncing off the walls driving everyone at home CRAZY!

First of all, let me say that The Palladium is a fantastic venue, with a sound system that is one of the best I’ve ever come across. Terrific sight lines everywhere, friendly staff, cool security guys, and just the best place to see a show.

So, Coal Chamber goes on first. It’s no secret that I can’t stand them. I think Dez Fafara is an asshole, and his music flat out sucks. However, the one bright spot was his bassist, Chela Rhea Harper. She is as beautiful as she is talented. This girl was laying down super-thick bass lines like nobody’s business, while headbanging, working the stage in a frenzy, and rocking the 5-string. As you can see, getting a good picture of her was tough!


Sevendust at The Palladium - Dallas, TX 4/28/13 | Amps and Green Screens

Now, onto Sevendust!! New single “Decay” led things off, before going back in time for some “Praise”, and “Denial”, then another brutalizing new song “Till Death”.

“Strong Arm Broken”, from 2010, really got the crowd going, and then…a pair of first album classics: “Bitch” and “Black” whipped them into a supercharged mass of headbanging maniacs, myself included!

Lajon Witherspoon, Morgan Rose, Clint Lowery, John Connolly, and Vince Hornsby all brought the thunder for a short, but hard-hitting set, culminating in final encore, “Face To Face” whichdamn near tore the roof off the place.

Vince is actually my favorite member to watch live, as he interacts with everyone up front, or on the sides, smiling, waving, slapping hands, tossing out picks, and giving out drumsticks to eagerly awaiting fans.

Sevendust is one of those rare bands that lives and dies for their fans, and the gratitude is evident on their faces at every show, which is why they will continue to get my hard-earned dollars EVERYTIME they come to town. A great end to a great birthday weekend!

Sevendust at The Palladium - Dallas, TX | Amps and Green Screens

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