Infernal Opera – Emissary Of Steel

So, check it. I’ve known Michael Alberque, the drummer for this band a looooong time. He embodies the true heart, soul, drive, spirit, and dedication to Heavy Metal that all of us should!

Infernal OperaInfernal Opera, made up of Michael, Volpe Vetrano, Aaron Celsus, Randy Gonce, and Derek Harris (drums, vocals, guitar, guitar, bass) are veterans of the club scenes in NY/NJ/PA/DE, and most recently, NAMM in California. They’ve logged in more hours onstage than an aspiring pilot on a flight simulator!

The band’s long-awaited debut CD Emissary of Steel finally found its way to me a short time ago, and after a half dozen listens, I am ready to share it with you all.

What immediately struck me was the production: crisp, clean, Volpe’s voice front and center, and all instruments mixed just right. Now, the songs.

“Emissary of Steel” is the album opener, a fast number that lets you know what you’re in store for right away with the lyrics, “Metal machine is rolling on, gaining momentum, together we are strong”. Anthemic, no? “Inhuman Being” and “Succubus” don’t let off the gas, either, and the lockstep of “13TH Sign” made it instantly a favorite.

“Eden” is a good, solid mid-tempo rocker, and on “Betrothed To Darkness”, there’s something about Michael’s drum patterns that really gets me going. Another instant favorite!

Without a doubt, “It” is the best song on this album. It is VERY vintage-Slayer sounding, and I think the late Jeff Hanneman would be honored by it. “Uncreator” is definitely one that was built to be played live to get asses out of seats, and closer “The Word” shows off a bit of a Judas Priest influence.

Bottom line…Infernal Opera does metal right. Great CD! Pick it up at Go! Do it!! NOW!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “13TH Sign”, “Betrothed To Darkness”, “It”, “Uncreator”

RATING: 8/10

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