Fleetwood Mac – Extended Play

This is going to be a short one because we’re dealing with a 4-song EP here. It’s called Extended Play and is being marketed as new Fleetwood Mac material.

Problem is, they all sound like Lindsey Buckingham solo cuts, and Stevie Nicks, the First Lady of Rock & Roll, is relegated to the role of backup singer.

By track:

1.”Sad Angel”- Good, catchy song, but could’ve been the B-side to “Waiting For a Countdown”.

2. “Without You”- sounds like a demo of “Peace Train” replete with irritating harmonies.

3. It Takes Time- BOOOOOORED.

4. Miss Fantasy- great song!

So there you have it. Look, it’s Lindsey and Stevie, so you know it won’t SUCK. I was just hoping for something more, something better. Feels like these songs were just laying around and dusted off.


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