Top 5 Live Albums

Alright, it’s time for another of our “World Famous” Top 5 Lists (complete sarcasm, btw).

Ok, ready?

Top 5 Live Albums

For me, it goes:

1. KISS  –  Alive II
2. Iron Maiden  – Rock In Rio
3. Journey  – Captured (Live)
4. Cinderella  – Live At the Key Club
5. INXS  – Live Baby Live

Now, you. What are some of your favorite live albums? And as always, feel free to comment/trash my list.

8 comments to “Top 5 Live Albums”
8 comments to “Top 5 Live Albums”
  1. Your list is good. I like that its not just one style. It’s got kiss( probably your favorite band!) and maiden and inxs. Even journey. Cinderella may be the only one I’m not too keen on. Having seen them live back when I was younger, I thought they put on a good show, nothing special.
    If I would make a list myself, it might look like this 🙁 in no particular order)
    1. Songs in the Attic – billy Joel
    2. Live at Budokan- Cheap Trick
    3. Exit stage Left- Rush
    4. 13 Gardens live- Billy Joel
    5. Song Remains the Same- Zeppelin.
    As you can see I’m a little partial. Van Halen is the greatest rock band in history but their live album, while still good, wasn’t the singer, eh one, I’d hoped for.

    • I agree on Van Halen. While Right here, Right Now was a good album, I wasn’t blown away. And I have to disagree on Song Remains the Same. They are so drunk and high during that show they sound terrible. The DVD that was released in 2005 shows the OTHER night at MSG when they were spot on. I am SHOCKED to find 2 Billy Joel’s in there! hahaha! One of the reasons I love the Cinderella album is the sheer energy that radiates off it, plus Tom Keifer was 6 months removed from vocal chord surgery and killing it!

      • I get it. Cinderella is all that much more impressive because Tom is clearly a true professional, and adversity is his middle name!! I have heard that about Zeppelin’s other show. When I first saw Song, I was in a big Zeppelin phase of my life and was floored to be seeing/ hearing them live.
        Getting back to Van Halen though, there exists, rumor perhaps, a concert film that took place in Largo, MD in ’82 I believe that is the stuff of legends. I have seen many YouTube videos from the show an it is pretty amazing. So if that were released it would rocket to number one

  2. A couple that I really like would be
    Priest — Unleashed in the East
    Halford — Live Insurrection
    Blue Oyster Cult — On Your Feet or On Your Knees or Some Enchanted Evening

      • I was actually listening to that Halford last week and am just in awe of how good he really is live. Truly the Metal God right there.

        A quick word on Van Halen … for a pretty kick ass live version, I’ve always enjoyed “Van Halen Rapes Stockholm”. Not the best recording every but it was VH at the peak on the 1984 tour and it’s a good listen.

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