King’s X at Trees Dallas 5/16/13

This is part 2 of my King’s X Experience.

After my interview with dUg, it was time for the show. First of all, Trees is THE coolest place to see a show in Dallas. The intimacy of the venue allows for great interaction with the band, and the sound system is first-rate.

dUg Pinnick Kings XThe boys opened up with “Groove Machine”, then kicked it up a notch with “The World Around Me”. “Pillow” was sung largely by the audience, and I mean LOUDLY, before the familiar strains of “Flies And Blue Skies” brought even more raucous cheering.

The setlist featured some deeper cuts off of albums that we don’t always get to hear, and in some cases, rarely hear live. “Thinking And Wondering What I’m Gonna Do”, “Vegetable”, “A Box”, and “Over And Over” were pleasantly surprising inclusions, as they happen to be four of my favorites. Rocker “Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something” showcased tight vocal harmonies other bands can only dream about, and Ty Tabor’s guitar sound on “Black Like Sunday” was dark and almost villainous in its tone.

Perennial fan favorite “Over My Head” kicked the crowd into overdrive. All of us were singing “Music, music, I hear music..” at the tops of our lungs and the guys never stopped smiling throughout the whole song. Still my absolute favorite!

Set closer “We Were Born To Be Loved” featured a drum pattern born not of this Earth from Jerry Gaskill. The breakdown at the end of the song is a series of fake-out endings, and I am STILL amazed at how they do it all these years later. A well-oiled machine, they are. The fans let their approval be known with chants of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” afterwards, and also throughout the evening.

The encore began with “Go Tell Somebody” before everyone got all revved up during “Dogman”, singing most of it. But the greatest moment of the night, and one of the greatest moments I’ve ever seen at a rock show was when dUg turned the mic toward the crowd for “Goldilox”. Every person in the building sang every word and they were louder than the band’s playing. It gave me chills to see and hear the power of song like that, and you could see that Ty, Jerry, and dUg were all visibly moved by the reaction. dUg even faux conducted a few times, grinning ear to ear.

They say the third time’s a charm. Well, this was my third King’s X show, and it was by far the best I’ve ever seen them. And dUg Pinnick was playing with a hernia, no less! You couldn’t tell from where I was standing, and like the song says, “If you like what you hear, then Go Tell Somebody”. Oh believe me, I am, and will continue to do so. What a night!

3 comments to “King’s X at Trees Dallas 5/16/13”
3 comments to “King’s X at Trees Dallas 5/16/13”
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  2. Fantastic review and interview. It’s a real refreshing change to read something from someone who loves music. From beginning to end, I felt like I was actually at the show. Too many of these “critics” do their reviews and it looks like it was a chore. Not yours. No way. Born from love of music. You’ve got a real talent for this stuff. I hope you keep doing it !!

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