Angels Fall – Yesterday’s Gone


Angels Fall is an acoustic-driven rock band. I’ll pause to let that sink in for a moment. They have no illusions about who they are, and are not trying to write songs for people to just grunt along with . Lead singer/songwriter Joel Jorgensen says, “My goal is for people to attach a memory to the songs when they hear them, because that’s what music did for me when I was younger”. And for that, I give him a ton of credit. They’ve recently signed with Century Media Records, who will be releasing their new five-song EP digitally via Meantime, let’s take a look at Yesterday’s Gone.

Opening track “Angel” kicks things off with the lyric, “She has eyes of an angel, and a heart made of gold”, telling the story of someone who doesn’t see their own beauty inside and out, and is a strong message right out of the gate. “Closure” finds Jorgensen pushing his gravelly vocals to the extreme, and it works. I didn’t like this one at first, and now it’s a favorite. You WILL be humming this one later.

ANGELS FALL ALBUM COVER“Evaporate” is hands-down the best song on this album. Aggressive, upbeat, and catchy, I found myself hitting REPEAT several times. Now, “Drunk Enough” is the big single that everyone seems to love. I actually consider it the weakest song on here. Not that it’s a bad song, per se, it’s just not for me. It almost sounds like NIckelback Lite. Female fans will undoubtedly eat it up live, though, and as a band, that’s what you want.

“Goodbye To You” and “Somewhere I Belong” are two more standouts, blending melody and hooks with heartfelt lyrics about life, love, and loss. “Too Late” is the most uptempo number, and will also bring down the house live. Really, a great song!

The disc closes with a pair of slow tunes, “Unsaid” and “Yesterday’s Gone” touching on more of the same themes, so if you liked the earlier tracks, you’ll enjoy these.

Overall, if you’re looking for music for taking a drive to, or working around the house, this is probably the CD for you. It’s not raucous, feel-good music, and a couple of songs really didn’t impress me, but it’s a solid effort.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Closure”, “Evaporate”, “Goodbye To You”, “Somewhere I Belong”, “Too Late”

RATING: 6.5/10

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