Girl On Fire – Revenge

GIRL ON FIRE EP COVERSo I was asked to review Girl On Fire’s EP Revenge. Hey, I always love checking out new bands, so I jumped at the chance. They’re another recent addition to the ever-growing stable of artists at Century Media Records, with a full-length album, Not Broken, coming out on July 9.

“Revenge” is the first song, and after a soft piano intro, it packs a wallop for sure. Right away you can see these guys emphasize melody and punch over noise and nonsense. I particularly enjoyed the “Hey! Hey! Hey!” in the choruses. Very anthemic. “Tragic Ending” starts out sounding like a full-on rock song, before the band drops back, leaving Austin Held’s vocals very much at the forefront, and then kicking in on the refrain. Also very effective, and it’s memorable right from the first listen.

Up next is “Medicate”, that starts out squarely in Linkin Park-territory, before correcting itself halfway through, but the damage is done. Was not a favorite. However, “Secret Lies” is definitely the track I enjoyed most. Fast-paced with a great guitar line, this will be on several of my playlists by week’s end. Lastly, we have “Close Your Eyes”. Now THIS is a song I can get behind! The band comes out in full kick-ass mode, and is a fantastic closer.

Oh, before I forget, I was able to hear “The Takedown”, the first single off of the forthcoming CD. With a hellacious opening riff, a stomping groove, and a defiant chorus, this is sure to be Girl On Fire’s anthem of the future. These guys have a bright future ahead of them, and I look forward to catching them live.

STANDOUT TRACKS: All but “Medicate”.

RATING: 8/10

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