Law & Order: SVU / Hawaii: Five-O Season Finales

Sigh. I’m gonna do my best to remain calm here. I just finished the SVU Season Finale. Now, don’t worry, I’m not gonna give anything away. But I can’t sit and be quiet anymore.


The episode featured, once again, a perp who knew how to play the legal system perfectly, and as a result of ridiculous technicalities, was able to have doubt cast upon his guilt. Aaaand of course, he winds up getting the drop on Benson (Mariska Hargitay) at some point.

H50-KonoWhich brings me to Hawaii: Five-O. Every other week, it seemed like Kono (Grace Park), member of an elite team, and martial artist, was either taken hostage, or reduced to a damsel in distress role.

So by this rationale, we are to believe that EVERY TIME a female detective or FBI Agent (Yeah. I’m lookin’ at YOU, The Following!) Is left alone to run down a lead, or God forbid, walk home by herself, she’ll be taken prisoner, beaten, or worse???

Give me a fucking break!! I know it’s television, but this is beyond insulting, not only to intelligent viewers, but also to women in law enforcement everywhere. Years of training shown to be useless simply because they’re female?? Come on!

I will of course watch the Season Premieres of both shows next fall, but if this crap continues, they’re gonna lose me as a viewer, and fast. I urge those of you with any taste to join me.

I needed that…

One comment to “Law & Order: SVU / Hawaii: Five-O Season Finales”
One comment to “Law & Order: SVU / Hawaii: Five-O Season Finales”
  1. Bravo! *Applause, Applause* It’s about time that someone spoke up on this. TV viewers deserve better than the nonsense that is spewed out week after week. The portrayal of female law enforcement on TV is just down right disgusting. Not only is it insulting to viewers and the fine women who work hard to protect us on a daily basis, it is insulting to all women.

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