Megadeth – Super Collider

Megadeth -Super Collider

Why can’t we have nice things? Oh yeah, because this is modern Megadeth and they don’t give us nice things…like a good album more than once a decade. Since 1992, they have given us: Bad, OK, Bad, Bad, OK, then finally “Holy shit!!! This is awesome!” on not one, but two albums (2007’s United Abominations and 2009’s Endgame), before descending into mediocrity once again with 2011’s Thirteen. So I was hoping that album’s weak reception would light a fire under their asses. No such luck. Super Collider, Megadeth’s 14th album shows a band largely on autopilot. Dave Mustaine opts to just talk melodically over tired, uninspired guitars, drums, and bass.

This is going to be quick because I only found three songs that I somewhat enjoyed. So we’ll call them the GOOD. They are, in order, “Don’t Turn Your Back”, “Built For War” (musically good, lyrically stupid), and “Kingmaker”. And by enjoyed, I mean they didn’t suck. The riffs are the closest we get to anything heavy or thrash-like, and the solos don’t suck. Not one of them will find its way onto an iTunes playlist, or mix cd for the car, that’s for damn sure.

Now, the BAD: “Burn!”, and “Off the Edge” are lyrically devoid, and just plain boring. They would be right at home on Youthanasia or Risk, two of Megadeth’s godawful 90’s efforts. “Beginning of Sorrow” has easily the dumbest chorus I’ve heard in years, and then, Yee-haw! We get a banjo & fiddle-intro on “The Blackest Crow”. I swear I’m not making this up! Just terrible. We already covered the fiasco of the title track, no need to rehash, and “Forget to Remember” is another throwaway.

“Dance In the Rain” features a hokey spoken-word intro and is mostly boring until the 3:33 mark when Mr. David Draiman makes an appearance and kicks the track up the ass. The problem? The song is only 4:46. And I am baffled by the decision to include a lifeless cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat”. Who told Dave this was a good idea?

This IS an important album though, as it signifies the death of Megadeth, and the birth of “Meh”-gadeth, which is how I’ll refer to them until they give me a reason not to. Avoid this one at all costs, people.

DECENT TRACKS: “Don’t Turn Your Back”, “Built For War”, “Kingmaker”

RATING: 3/10

One comment to “Megadeth – Super Collider”
One comment to “Megadeth – Super Collider”
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