Burn Notice – “Forget Me Not”

Burn Notice - Season 7


Burn Notice, in its seventh and final season, has reached Episode #100. I can’t believe I’ve been watching since Season One in 2007. I’ll say it now: I’m gonna be a wreck when it’s all over. I’ve been emotionally invested in the adventures of Michael, Fiona, Sam, Madeleine, and Jesse from day one.

Last night’s episode started off with Michael, after nine months away, having to reveal himself to his mother Maddy to stop all the noise she was making regarding his whereabouts. Fraught with tension, their face-to-face meeting wasn’t exactly a happy reunion. It did end with an embrace, and mom not exactly reassured.

With that out of the way, he now had to stop the gang from getting in the way of, and potentially compromising, a covert op he was in town for. Namely, to eliminate Dexter Gamble (nicely played by Nick Tarabay from Spartacus). Things got even more complicated when Gamble managed to grab Fiona in an attempt to find him.

What I really liked was that while all this was going on, we got to see how Michael and Fi met. Through flashbacks to Dublin 2001, we got to see their courtship dance, and the sparks that turned into the fire that clearly still burns within them both. It was nice to finally get a glimpse of what’s been, up till now, mentioned only in passing.

I’m not revealing any more plot. You guys know me, I don’t get down like that. You wanna know more, watch! I WILL say that this season of Burn Notice is off to an excellent start, and I look forward (not really! Don’t want it to end!) to seeing how Matt Nix, creator and showrunner, is going to wrap everything up. ~dc

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