Into The Flood unleash the fury of Vices

 Into The Flood unleash the fury of Vices


The guys from Into The Flood have a lot to say. And sing. And scream. Their Century Media debut album, Vices, was just released June 11 and it packs a wallop from start to finish. This is metalcore done right. Equal parts aggression, speed, tempo changes, raw vocals, and a positive message. That’s right, they are faith-based, and the music carries messages that are uplifting and self-empowering without sacrificing the heaviness and intensity of the genre.

Tracks like “The Destroyer”, “Sacrificing the Worm”, “Disconnected”, and “Mirrors” are designed to rip faces off musically, with the band pushing and pulling the listener in several different directions. One never knows when they will stop on a dime, or speed it up to an almost breakneck pace.

One of the most heartfelt songs is “David Scheinost”, about a friend who died in a diving accident. Through Into The Flood, his memory will carry on, and is definitely one of the best cuts. The lyrics are extremely moving, and hopefully this song will be showcased on tour.

At the beginning of “Faitheater”, singer Brendan Wilson channels the intensity and delivery of a young Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, and continues to do so throughout the whole song, with the band following suit. Another stellar track that really caught this Examiner by surprise, albeit pleasantly so. “Your Judgment Is What Condemns You” features some serious guttural growls and drives the message of the title home with a fury that some metalcore bands would be hard pressed to match today.

“Eye For An Eye” and closer “By Way Of the Snake” are the sonic equivalent of a right cross followed by a roundhouse kick to the face and body, respectively. The latter of the two is especially powerful as it speaks to a relationship that is clearly falling apart.

All in all, this is a very well-executed debut that will be one of the most talked about records among metalheads, not only in 2013, but for years to come. Massive things are on the horizon for Into The Flood.

– Originally published in Dallas Metal Music Examiner, June 13, 2013

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