Long Sword Spectacular bring the heat to Reno’s Chop Shop

Long Sword Spectacular at Reno's Chop Shop - Dallas, TX

photo: courtesy of David Boyer

Last night I made my way up to Reno’s Chop Shop to check out the guys in Long Sword Spectacular. This being my second LSS show, I knew I’d be in for a good time. What I didn’t know, was just how much fun the night would be.

From the moment I walked in, Mel the manager, and owner Dave Murray made me feel right at home, and thanked me for the mention in my previous article. Justin behind the bar was really friendly, too. Suffice to say I love this place now, especially the back patio, and will be back soon.

The boys in LSS went on around 9:30 to a pretty good-sized crowd, all of whom appeared to be there for them, as evidenced by the head-bobbing and singing along that accompanied opener “Manhunt”. This song was made to get people going and is also a great way to introduce the uninitiated. New song “In Medias Res” followed, also to raucous applause. This one is singer/bassist Josh’s current favorite to play, and it shows. He clearly has a great time with it.

Other highlights were the last minute inclusion of “Debt to Savages” for David, a friend both to the band and me, and “Firewalk” which had the whole room screaming during the intro, as well as the breakdown later in the song. Doug really lets loose on the drums, and Daniel coaxes some otherworldly tones out of his guitar on this one, and really got people fired up. Show regulars were up dancing, and flying their Devil Horns throughout.

More new songs followed, including “The Drift”, “Pyschomachia”, and “Babylon”, all of which are going to sound fantastic on the next record, just for their raw energy alone, something a lot of bands are missing today. It was also nice to see Josh thank Mel and the staff at Reno’s because again, they really deserve it.

Up next was crowd favorite “Dead Soul”. With a Black Sabbath-inspired beginning, and a slow grinding tempo, this is a bona fide drinkin’ song if ever there was one. The whole room was armed with shots waiting for the rallying cry of “Down the hatch!”. “Breakin’ Loose” closed the show with much audience participation, and dancing around.

If you haven’t taken in a Long Sword Spectacular gig, you really are missing out. They have a good fan base that welcomed me with open arms, and are just good people. The band cranks out some great tunes, the members are very engaging, they love to sit and have a beer with friends and fans after the show, and everyone has a lot of fun. So check them out ASAP!

– Originally published in Dallas Metal Music Examiner, June 22, 2013

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