Summer TV Report Card

SummerTVSo, all the big shows on the Big 3 networks (ABC,CBS, NBC) are done, and now all the summer ones are in full swing. Some have been great so far, and some not-so-great. Here at Amps and Green Screens, we love the summer shows, for the most part. With that in mind, let’s take a look at, and grade some of our returning favorites, as well as the newcomers.

New Shows:


MotiveMotive      Far and away, my favorite new show of summer. Read my earlier review for particulars, but Kristen Lehman’s Det. Angie Flynn is the best character I’ve seen in a long time.     RATING: 9/10

GracelandGraceland      Another USA gem. This features a group of impossibly good-looking people, all of whom work undercover for different agencies (FBI, DEA, ICE), and share a confiscated beachfront house. Daniel Sunjata is terrific as Paul Briggs, FBI Senior Agent, house leader and Zen-Master, and Vanessa Ferlito shines as Charlie DeMarco, another FBI agent. The dialogue is quick, fresh, and witty, and camera work and pacing are very good also. Love it!     RATING: 9/10

King & MaxwellKing & Maxwell      This one we had to warm up to. Starring Rebecca Romijn-Lettuce and John Tenney as former Secret Service Agents who are now crime-solving private detectives in DC, it had some moments in the pilot, but I really didn’t feel there was a lot of chemistry between the two. I was very happy to see Ryan Hurst back on TV, and in a COMPLETELY different role than usual, which is why I hung around for Episodes 2 & 3. The pacing was a lot better this week, so we’ll hang in out of respect for Opie for now (right, Rocco?).     RATING: 7/10

Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines      Another show featuring different law enforcement agencies working together, this time on an international level, and for the ICC (international Criminal Court). It stars William Fichtner as Carl Hickman, a damaged former NYPD Detective, something he plays very well. Some of you may recognize Tom Wlaschiha from Game of Thrones as the unit’s tech guy, and Gabriella Pession is breathtaking as a Europol undercover specialist. I liked it, and look forward to more.     RATING: 8/10

Under the DomeUnder the Dome      Holy shit, this one pulled me right in!! As a former Stephen King reader this FELT like I imagined one of his small-town stories come to life in the best way possible. The acting by Britt Robertson, Rachelle Lefevre, and Dean Norris is first-rate, and it has suspense, tension, and violence, without being ridiculous. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds.     RATING: 9/10

Returning Favorites:

The Glades

The Glades      A perennial favorite of ours, this season, its fourth, got off to a bit of a slow start, but has rebounded nicely these last two weeks. Jim, Callie, Carlos, Daniel, and Jeff are all great, as usual, and this will remain a top show in the Amps household for as long as it is on.     RATING: 8.5/10 this season, 10/10 previous seasons

Burn NoticeBurn Notice      What more can I say about this show, now in its seventh and final season? I have been a loyal viewer from day one, and will weep like a schoolgirl when the final curtain is brought down. I am confident it will end as brilliantly as it began.
RATING: 10/10 ALL seasons

Franklin &  BashFranklin & Bash      A very funny and refreshing summer show, Season three opened with two episodes that were very good. I am loving the addition of Heather Locklear as the boys’ new handler/warden, and this looks to be a fun ride coming up.     RATING: 9/10

Rizzoli & IslesRizzoli & Isles      This is another one that gets better each season. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander are nothing short of brilliant together, and Bruce McGill and Lee Thompson Young’s banter is pretty funny, too. And of course, Lorraine Bracco is wonderful as mom, Angela Rizzoli! Excellent show! RATING: 9.5/10

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? We wanna hear from you. What summer shows are YOU watching and enjoying?

One comment to “Summer TV Report Card”
One comment to “Summer TV Report Card”
  1. What do I think? Well, since my name is mentioned in one of the reviews, I will tell you! As for King & Maxwell, I think that you nailed it. The chemistry between the leads was a little awkward the first two episodes, but seemed to get better in three. But the presence of Ryan Hurst will make this show a keeper I think. As a giant fan of him on SOA, the guy can ACT. I will keep watching.
    The other shows you’ve mentioned, regretfully, I haven’t watched. But if you say they’re good, they’re probably good!

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