Classic Albums: Mötley Crüe – Too Fast For Love

Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For Love

Too Fast For Love embodies everything wonderful about the hard rock/heavy metal scene in the early 80’s. The dirt, the sleaze, the grime of the L.A. club scene just oozes from the record and into the very fiber of your being. It was a delicious, potent, and dangerous elixir for both girls and boys alike. I remember being nine years old and seeing the “Live Wire” video for the first time on a Friday night, and being utterly captivated, not only by how kickass the song was, but also by trying to figure out if Vince Neil was indeed a boy or a girl.

Of course I wasn’t allowed to purchase such “crap” as my parents put it, until I had my own money, but as soon as I could, I did. And WHEN I did, I was hooked. There was KISS, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and now Mötley Crüe who wanted to play with me.

When you drop the needle, you are immediately hit in the face with the brick that is Mick Mars’ opening riff on “Live Wire” before the rest of the band follows suit. This has been, and always will be, my all-time favorite Crüe song, and was born to be cranked up to 11. “Come On and Dance” brings you another heaping plateful of killer riffage from Mick, and “Public Enemy #1” really showcases the tightness of the band, and I’m pretty sure my bass-playing/Mötley Crüe-lovin’ friend Jim would agree that it’s got one of Nikki Sixx’s coolest bass lines on it.

“Merry-Go-Round” starts off all sweet and innocent before it starts trotting like a show horse with attitude. It really is one of the rawest tracks on the record, and you can hear every nuance in it. “Take Me To the Top”, which closes out side one, is another four-on-the-floor riff-tastic rocker, and another absolute favorite of mine. Tommy Lee really goes to town on the drums here, the same way I imagine he did with the groupies backstage.

“Piece of Your Action” starts side two with another slice of attitude. Everything about it is in your face, particularly the guitars. There is something about “Starry Eyes” that just sucks you in, like a lover you know is gonna hurt you, but you go with them anyway, unable to say no, and once the solo starts, all resistance crumbles. Title track “Too Fast For Love” is another foot-stompin’, dance on the tables song that stays in your head for the rest of the day, hell, maybe even the week!

The album ends with “On With the Show”, a sad and poignant song, that really shows flashes of songwriting depth that was to come on later albums. When Vince sings about Frankie, you almost feel like you know the guy. This is another one of my favorites, and in my Crüe Top 5 List for sure. From the final strains of this one, to the world-famous cowbell on “Live Wire” this is an album for the ages. Raw, uncompromising, dirty, and unfiltered, it was the soundtrack to great parties, and teenage innocence lost in many a backseat from L.A. to New York. Another must-have, guys!


2 comments to “Classic Albums: Mötley Crüe – Too Fast For Love”
2 comments to “Classic Albums: Mötley Crüe – Too Fast For Love”

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