Son Of Swan at the Boiler Room 7/12/13

Son of Swan - NEILSooo…it was Friday night, and I had just left Gigantour early with one purpose in mind…To see Son Of Swan at the Boiler Room. I found these guys by accident back in May opening for King’s X at Trees and they blew me away, and I wanted to see them again, but something always got in my way. Well, on this night I would not be denied. Sorry, Mr. Mustaine, I had bigger fish to fry.

The band, on this night comprised of Neil Swanson (guitar), Billy Walker (drums), and Anthony Morel (bass) was in fine spirits before taking the stage, and we all had a bit of a laugh before they got down to business. Plus, they were excited about playing some new stuff, too!

For the uninitiated, Son Of Swan is a three-piece, but they sound like a lot more, believe me. An instrumental act, they recently unveiled a killer lighting setup worthy of an arena-rock show, which added to an already high-energy performance. Launching into “S O S” to start things off, everything was tight and the crowd was moving, myself included. “30K Curse” was next, a mid-tempo number that really stood out the first time I saw them, and gets better each time I hear it. My personal favorite from their self-titled EP, “Dog Days” was next. With a sound not unlike Eric Johnson it is REALLY hard to keep still during this one. Neil and Co. just kill it.

Son of Swan - Anthony | Amps and Green Screens at The Boiler Room - Dallas, TXOne of the highlights of the show is a medley of some famous rock songs. I won’t tell you which because you need to go see for yourself. Suffice to say, you’ll be smiling during this walk down Rock and Roll Memory Lane. The boys love it, too, and it’s a joy to watch. Billy and Anthony transition from song to song with ease, sometimes stopping on a dime.

Newer songs included “Egypt” and “Tank Top” and they both sounded fantastic. If I sound like I’m gushing, it’s because I am. Clearly there is no shortage of ideas in Son Of Swan, and that’s a wonderful thing.

They closed with “Why Aren’t You Famous Yet?” (good question!) and “All Good Things”. Bass and drums were very front and center on the former while guitar harmonies dominated the latter, and it all blended together perfectly. It was a great set, and a perfect way to cap off an evening of great guitarists. Zakk Wylde, Slash, then Mr. Neil Swanson…not a bad Friday night, eh?

If you haven’t seen Son of Swan live before, I have two questions:

Son of Swan - Billy | Amps and Green Screens at The Boiler Room - Dallas, TX

What is wrong with you?

And what are you waiting for?

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