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Gemini Syndrome | Interview with Aaron Nordstrom on Amps and Green Screens


Gemini Syndrome first came on my radar in December 2012 with the song “Pleasure and Pain”. It is a perfect blend of heavy and melodic, and I couldn’t wait for more. Two more iTunes singles later (“Basement” and “Left of Me”), and the hunger for a full-length album had only gotten worse. I was finally able to speak with singer Aaron Nordstrom who was very mum on a release date, but assured me it would be soon. I did find out 24 hours later, along with the rest of the Synners, the name and date of the record. Read on, and see for yourselves:

Aaron Nordstrom - Gemini Syndrome | Interview with Amps and Green ScreensAmps: In This Moment shared your video for “Pleasure and Pain” in early December, and Heidi from Butcher Babies has been rocking your tank top on tour. You’re getting a lot of support in the metal community it seems.

Aaron: It’s so cool, man! Heidi and those cats, we’ve known them and played with them in L.A., and we recorded with Kevin Churko so that’s our connection to In This Moment, and even over this last year we’ve gotten a lotta love from the Mushroomhead guys, and the Device guys. We just did a video for “Basement”, and both David Draiman and the Five Finger Death Punch guys shared it on their Facebook pages, so we’re getting a lot of support from a lot of our friends and peers in this industry, and it is truly flattering.

Amps: From my friend, Frankie: “You gotta find out whether the band symbol means something in the tarot world or is it just a symbol. Because I want to get it tattooed.”

Aaron: Well, the most basic way of saying it is Gemini represents duality. And you have an infinite amount of space between the two sides of it, so you’re constantly balancing those aspects of your life. I got the first tattoo a couple of years ago, and now there’s a good handful of people who have the artwork now, and some of it just beautiful! Again, it’s just humbling and flattering. And if your friend Frankie gets it, share it with us please, because we love to put that stuff on our Facebook page.

Amps: He also wants to know, along with many of us, when is the album coming out? Can you tell us?

Aaron: Soon. We will have an official release date very, very shortly. I can’t say any more right now, sorry. I wish I could!

(One day later, it was announced that the album would be called LUX, and be released on September 10. Mmm…Hulk happy…)

Gemini Syndrome - LUX | Available September 10

Amps: Your album is one of THE most eagerly-sought after of 2013. How’s everybody feeling about that? Did you know that?

Aaron: (pauses) Umm…when you put it like that, no, I guess I didn’t. I know there are people that want it, but I had no idea it’s as bad as you say. I will say that I do get a lot of messages about it from fans. I keep in contact with everyone I can, because I personally enjoy that. I love to meet new people. I get an e-mail or something every day, though asking, “Can you tell me yet?” and I’m like, “No, I can’t. Sorry.” It’s definitely exciting knowing people really want to hear it. You can’t see but I have the hugest smile on my face right now because of what you said (laughing). I mean the awesomeness of getting that kind of love and support from people is awesome, and I think the album will be worth the wait.

Amps: How have the crowds been? I missed you here around my birthday, on April 23, at Trees, my favorite place, sadly.

Aaron: Very receptive. Going out with Mushroomhead and Device, a lot of people had no idea who we were so that was a recurring theme. “I’ve never heard of you guys, but great show!” And that seemed to happen a lot. April 23 was my birthday show, too, in Dallas, and some of the Hellyeah guys came out and we had a blast! Trees is an awesome venue!

Amps: So you’re gonna stay out on the road through the album release and beyond?

Aaron: Yeah. We’re home now for a little bit, but we’re hitting the road with Drowning Pool and Pop Evil for a few weeks, and then we’ll come home briefly and finish everything for the record, then Canada with Five Finger. As far as end of the year goes, I’m not sure, but we’ll probably still be hitting the pavement.

Amps: Any particular shows/cities stand out in your mind?

Aaron: Dallas is one, because the whole rest of the band conspired against me on my birthday, made an announcement, and put me on the spot. Texas is always full of great fans, but everywhere we play is cool, dude. Obviously, since I grew up in Chicago, I love playing shows at home. We’re from all over so whenever we get to someone’s hometown it’s always great, because getting to do this for a living, and being able to share that with our families and the people we grew up with, that’s such a great feeling.

Amps: Your subject matter is often about duality. Tell me a little about that.

Aaron: It’s one way of putting a universal principle into words. You have the yin yang, positive and negative charges, and there’s things that I write about lyrically that more often than not stem from some experience that I’ve had in my own life, whether internally in my head, or externally in the world, and that comes with a huge gamut of emotions. Trying to put negative experiences into a positive light, and positive experiences into a darker light, and putting that to music. “Pleasure and Pain” is probably the heaviest song on the album, but it has the most positive message, but man it sounds angry. And some of the more melodic and vibey stuff is really from the dark in me.

Amps: Is there anything you wanna say to all the Synners out there?

Aaron: Every time I get asked this I say the same thing, and that is strictly a HUGE thank you, because the support we’ve received from people, in the industry, and from friends and fans we’ve made along the way, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing without those people. And it’s really overwhelming. We’ve gotten support from our team, our families and friends, you know, from every angle. It’s an amazing feeling.

Amps: Aaron, thanks so much for taking the time on a busy Friday to speak with me. We are all dying for this record to come out. Just keep kickin’ asses, and we hope to see you back in Texas soon!

Aaron: You’re welcome man, thanks for having me. And we will get the record in everyone’s hands as soon as possible, I promise.

\m/ \m/

I dunno about you guys, but this is one album I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on!!

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