Hangin’ With Havok In Deep Ellum – Three Links Dallas 7/25/13

Havok…Havok, Havok, Havok.

This will be my third feature on them because, quite frankly, they are one of my favorites of the newer bands. Their latest album Unnatural Selection is in a dead heat with Hatriot’s for my Thrash Album of the Year, and as I was privy to on July 25, their live show must be seen to be believed. David Sanchez (guitar/vocals), Mike Leon (bass), Reece Scruggs (guitar), and Pete Webber (drums) were cool enough to give me some time before taking the stage at Three Links in Dallas, and they are all really nice guys who truly love playing thrash metal, and clearly love their fans:

Amps: We’re four shows into the tour. How are things going so far?

Mike: Oh, everything’s been real cool so far. The crowds have been awesome!

Amps: Between the riffs and the drums on this record, you guys have created a monster. What kind of thinking went into the recording of this record?

Reece: It’s very collaborative, as opposed to the previous two. Well, I can’t speak for Burn, but on Time Is Up the majority of it is Dave, and this particular album is all of us.
Dave: Yeah we wanted to make it more like old school heavy metal and fuckin’ rock and roll, because a lot of metal these days doesn’t have any hint of rock and roll in it, which is fucked up because that’s where heavy metal came from.

Amps: Talk about the time changes. On this record there are a couple of slower-paced songs. “It Is True” is my favorite, as I mentioned to Dave earlier.

Dave: We tried to make songs that are heavy and groovy, and hopefully get stuck in people’s heads.
Pete: Our last record was all speed all the time, and we wanted to change things up on this one.

Amps: Pete, the drumming on this album is on another planet. I don’t know what you’ve been eating, but…

Pete: My approach was actually kind of laid back. My fills were a little more rock and roll, like on “I Am the State”, in that part towards the end, I just had fun with it, you know?

Amps: You guys are all fairly young, in your twenties,right? How do such young guys capture such a classic sound?

Mike: It’s what we grew up listening to. I’m not gonna speak for everybody here but heavy metal was one of the most influential musics in my adolescence and it was the fastest, heaviest, most riff-oriented, musically challenging stuff to play.
Dave: We all grew up playing metal and we just try to play fast, heavy, tight and HEAVY!! HEAVY!! (everyone’s lauging)
Reece: We’re young, but we know what we’re doing and it’s definitely not a gimmick.

Amps: You guys have been giving lessons to fans on tour as well. Tell me about that.

Reece: Yeah we have been for a little bit. It’s pretty awesome to be able to get together with fans and it’s wild that anybody wants to know what I’m doing, or what Pete’s doing, or what anybody is doing, but that’s what you hope for, that someone is so into what you’re doing that they wanna figure it out, right?
Mike: We were all that kid when we were little. We all wanted to know how our heroes did it.
Pete: It’s also supplemental income for us on the road. It helps. And it’s cool to meet new people with it.

Amps: I was talking with Zetro from Hatriot. He LOVES you guys!! When I asked him what newer bands he’s into, Havok was the first thing out of his mouth. He would also love to go out on the road with you, just sayin’.

Mike: Let’s tour together!!
Dave: We’re huge fans as well, so let’s try to make that happen!

Amps: Thanks for giving me some time tonight guys, and have a great show.

All: No problem, man. Thank you.

\m/ \m/

The boys in Havok proceeded to kill it onstage later that night, but not before talking with every single fan on the back patio, posing for pictures with everyone, me included, and signing everything put in front of them. And you could just tell that people had been waiting for this show all summer, and the guys really made the days of all the people in attendance.

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