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Being a transplanted New Yorker living in the Dallas-area there are certain things I miss. Delis, breakfast sandwiches, and the kickass live music scene in the city. And that’s why I love it when I have a chance to interview a band from back home. First it was Rob Traynor from Black Water Rising, then Tom Morrissey from Killcode, and now I finally was able to have a chat with Angelina DelCarmen (vocals) and Richard Mollo (bass) from Charetta, making them the third in my New York band series of interviews. Richard conferenced me in with Angelina, who was at a barbecue. It was a tad noisy, but we made it work. They have a new EP coming out, and you really should check them out live. Without further ado:

Amps: It looks like we have some friends in common: Killcode, Arch Demon, etc. I’ve known Dayna Jade for a couple years, and Tom from Killcode speaks very highly of you guys.

Angelina: I love Tom, he’s awesome!

Richard: Yeah, he’s a great guy. And Arch Demon is great, too. Dayna Jade is really cool.

Amps: How are things going on the record?

Richard: The new single could be coming out at any minute. Everything’s completely finished, so we’re ready to put it out.

Amps: And then are you thinking about a fall or winter tour?

Angelina: Well, we’re always thinking about it for sure! I guess we need to come to Texas!

Amps: Come on down! We’ll have ya!

Richard: We have a couple of local dates to finish up, and then we’d like to do something in the fall, if possible. We’re reaching out to some people in hopes of doing something bigger than we’ve ever done before.

Amps: Where’s the writing come from? “Love Your Lies” and “Never” are pretty powerful songs.

Angelina: We all do our parts, and bring different things to the table. I write most of the lyrics, and they’re all from my life, different experiences. “Never” in particular was a heartbreaking song in a lot of ways, but it was still sexy. It’s that moment when you bump into an ex, and you remember all the bad stuff.

Richard: We didn’t even know we were gonna record that. It started out as an acoustic song, and we figured we’d produce it ourselves, then our producer heard it and was like, “Hell no! I’m recording that one!”

Amps: Who’s the craziest person in the band?

Angelina: (Pauses) who’s the craziest person in Charetta?

Richard: You’re actually hesitating on that answer?!?

Angelina: Why, is it me??

Richard: I’m probably the one. I don’t have many reservations, I’m down for anything.

Angelina: It’s true. Prostitutes, titty bars, Mollo doesn’t care (laughs)

Richard: Would ya stop? This is how rumors get started!

Amps: What’s the message in your music?

Angelina: I would say Charetta is about bringing strength to people, and being hope. But also getting out all the rage, and standing up for yourself. We have a song on the new EP called “Not Your Bitch” which is about exactly that. That’s why people go to rock shows, to get all that shit out, right?

Richard: That’s why our catch phrase is “It sounds like Alanis Morissette punching Chevelle in the face”. It answers the “What do you sound like?” question.

Amps: What’s in your CD player/iPod lately?

Angelina: You know, I’ve been using MOG a lot, and I’ve been into a lot of R&B lately from the 60’s lately. It’s just so completely different from what I’ve been performing, and I think doing that encourages you to take chances with your own music sometimes.

Richard: Fear Factory, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide were on all day today while I was out driving around.

Amps: What’s a CD you have that people might be shocked you own? Guilty pleasure, so to speak?

Angelina: Macklemore, because I like their story.

Richard: The Moody Blues are one of my favorites.

Amps: Angelina, how do you like the fact that we’re living in a musical climate right now with some seriously good female-fronted bands kicking asses? What do you think about that?

Angelina: I think it’s about fuckin’ time. It’s been missing. I think that emo phase with all the dudes with high voices was awful, and women haven’t really flowered until recently. In This Moment is my biggest influence and you’ll hear that on this EP.

Amps: Anything you’d like to say to Charetta fans?

Angelina: We can’t wait to share this new music with you all, and thank you for all your support.

Amps: Ok guys, thanks for taking a couple minutes with me. Angelina, I’ll let you get back to your barbecue, and Richard, whatever debauchery you’re into this evening.

Richard: I have a prostitute on the way now.

Angelina: I knew it!!!

\m/ \m/

As you can see, things got quite silly. But it was all in fun, and we had a good time

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