NEKROGOBLIKON are very different, I’ll say that much. They make what they refer to as “goblin metal”. Apparently they were kidnapped and tortured by goblins some years ago and told that they were to write songs about the destruction of mankind at the hands of goblins. Sound crazy? Of course it does. But the cool thing is that their songs have this feel to them, almost like little mini-movies. You can visualize what they’re singing about, and all of a sudden your head is a projector on which these films are played. So, let’s have a look at their latest offering Power, out today.

All the songs have one thing in common: a combination of singing, growling, and screaming, goblin-style. The band takes off at the drop of a hat, and musically they’re quite solid. The keyboards set against thrashy guitars and drums provide a perfect backdrop for the tales of our demise.

“Friends (In Space”) is a blend of NWOBHM riffs over speed metal drums and is a harbinger of things to come. “Nothing But Crickets” has a xylophone, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. At least, I think that’s what I’m hearing at the beginning. This was actually my favorite song on the disc, because it reminded me of Helloween and King Diamond, both of whom I still love to this very day.

Straight-up thrash riffs are what make “Powercore” another strong cut, coupled with some serious drumming. The xylophone is back for “Derailed” before it goes into full-on metal mode. The last song, “Giraffe” also dives into the Helloween end of the pool musically, not vocally, and is quite a bit of fun. NEKROGOBLIKON may not be for everyone, but I certainly found myself entertained, and to their credit, they sound nothing like anyone else out there. Give it a spin, wontcha?

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Giraffe”, “Nothing But Crickets”

RATING: 8.5/10

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