Sevendust Live at Trees Dallas – 9/15/13

Sunday September 15, 2013 was an awesome night. Why? Glad you asked! I had two tickets to see one of my favorite bands in the world, Sevendust at my ABSOLUTE favorite venue in Dallas…Trees. What? Sevendust TWICE in one year?? I know!!  All I needed to make the day perfect was an Eagles victory. That didn’t happen, and my buddy Joseph’s Colts didn’t fare much better, so at least we had this to look forward to, right?

I got there very early, and was glad I did. That place filled as soon as the doors opened. There were three bands on before the mighty Sevendust: American Fangs, Kyng, and 10 Years. The first two weren’t bad, just not really my thing. I do have to say that 10 Years really impressed me, though. Admittedly I knew nothing about them, and on this night, they were on point. The songs are great, and lead singer Jesse Hasek has a very unique and commanding stage presence, so I will definitely be seeing them again in future.

At last it was time. Time for the well-oiled machine that IS Sevendust live. Opening with “Pieces” from 2005’s Next album (one of their best), it was clear the guys were on a mission to melt as many faces as possible within a three-mile radius. Morgan Rose’s screams from behind the kit punctuated every note and nuance, and the place just went ballistic. Brutalizer “Till Death” from newest release Black Out the Sun was next, singer Lajon Witherspoon stalking and growling away for most of it before “Denial” got the crowd even more hopped up. And we were only three songs in!

The familiar strains of “Praise” kept the faithful screaming, and as I looked around from my perch in the balcony area I could see people moving and singing every word right back at them. Same thing with “Waffle”.  The crowd was almost deafening singing along to that one. For a change of pace, two slower songs, “Got A Feeling”, and the still-moving-after-all-this-time “Angel’s Son” were played back-to-back, which gave us all a chance to catch our breath. The respite wouldn’t be long, though.

The telltale intro to debut album classic “Black” turned the floor into a whirling dervish of bodies, and yours truly was screaming his head off like a madman (I do that, sometimes). “Strong Arm Broken” didn’t slow things down, not for a minute, and “Decay” also from the new one served as the perfect set closer, guitarists John Connolly and Clint Lowery serving up massive riffage to all in attendance.

First encore “Splinter” is another killer tune because Morgan and bassist Vince Hornsby are locked in a groove, and live it’s even more muscular. The final song of the evening, “Face To Face” from my favorite album, 2003’s Seasons, has been their closer since that tour, and there’s a damn good reason. It is the PERFECT way to end a show. Morgan screaming, “YOU CAN’T STOP FUCKIN’ WITH MY HEAD, STOP FUCKIN WITH MY HEAD!!!” over a wall of sound that pummels is something any metalhead worth his or her salt needs to experience at least once, or in my case, multiple times.

This was my fifth, and without a doubt, THE best Sevendust show. Even before I moved to Texas, my goal was to see them at Trees because of what I had heard. Let me tell you something…they not only stepped up to the home plate of hype, they knocked it out of the park!! If you have never felt the power and the fury of Sevendust at Trees, you need to remedy that first chance you get.

3 comments to “Sevendust Live at Trees Dallas – 9/15/13”
3 comments to “Sevendust Live at Trees Dallas – 9/15/13”
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  2. One of the best 7D shows I’ve seen and I’ve seen about 10 now. I too just moved to TX and Trees is a great place. Funny, I’m also an Eagles fan and they let me down (as usual).

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