The Mayhem Files – Vol. VI: Ginger Fish

“My name’s Ginger. And I don’t do interviews.”

Ahhh yes, dear readers. We finally come to our sixth and final chapter of The Mayhem Files. For our last installment I wanted to share my conversation with the one and only Ginger Fish, who at this point needs no introduction, or resume rundown. He has been drumming for Rob Zombie for two years and change. He was a really nice, very personable guy, despite his joking (I hope!) first statement for the record, and we talked about the tour, losing drums, and filming a DVD of that night’s show. Check it:

Amps: You’re the final act here, on a day just filled with insanity, metal, and craziness. Is it cool to see a crowd full of maniacs at the end?

Ginger: It’s kind of weird from my standpoint as a drummer. Being so far back I don’t get to see a whole lot, but I hope to get them all riled up, and sometimes I see arms flailing around. And of course that puts a smile on my face.

G. Fish - D. Cousins MayhemAmps: The new album (Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor) is an absolute home run, top to bottom. Tell me about the recording of it.

Ginger: Well, when I recorded, it was just riffs so I didn’t know where it was gonna end up. This was my first album with the band. Now, what I had heard about the prior bands was they would all get together and jam. When we went about this one, everybody was working at their own pace and their own time on things. John 5 is the one who got his friend Bob Marlette involved. He’d go over Bob’s house and cut a bunch of riffs, then call me and say, “Hey, I wanna come over” since I had a Pro-Tools rig at my house. So he’d come by, record five or six riffs, and I’d work on them. And Piggy was working on stuff at his house, so we weren’t sure where we were gonna go record, east or west coast, and we finally got a call saying Rob’s gonna do it all at his ranch in Connecticut.

So I called my drum companies, had them ship stuff out, get on a plane out there, I get there- drums aren’t there. And I’ve only got a week to fly in and fly out. So I call the company and they swear they shipped them. So they get ahold of the delivery driver who was supposed to get a signature, and he just left them on a porch somewhere. So now I’m out there, 10 o’clock at night on a 25-acre ranch and lo and behold, I found them. Guy just dropped ‘em on a porch! I set up, record everything in a week, fly home, get ready for the Halloween run with Manson, next thing I hear is the album’s done (laughs)!

Amps: Well, now that you have the finished product in hand, do you have a favorite song?

Ginger: I have a couple. Obviously being a drummer I like “Pretty Filthy Creatures”, and also “Lucifer Rising”. What’s your favorite?

Amps: (Without missing a beat): “Rock and Roll (in a Black Hole)”.

Ginger: There you go!

Amps: It was THE song I had on REPEAT over and over.

Amps: You’ve been in this band two and a half years now, but you’ve been playing a long time. How does being where you are now compare to what you’ve been in/been through before?

Ginger: Well, I played with John for years, so that’s pretty normal for me; it’s being with a friend. The weirdest thing is being from the 90’s, I would think that the Manson camp and the Zombie camp are very similar. We both have that same industrial rock feel, same theatrics, we play the same venues, but the two camps are like Heaven and Hell. It is the COMPLETE opposite. The Manson camp was out of their gourds 24/7, not going to sleep for five days straight, just burning the candle at both ends. And the Zombie guys all get up at seven a.m. and get to work! Rob is up working, he’s promoting the record, and he’s got the script finished for Broad Street Bullies, which I can’t wait for, and this camp is all about working and being healthy. Everyone’s really motivated and becoming better people as the day goes on.

Amps: What’s the best thing you’ll take away from this Mayhem tour?

Ginger: Tonight’s DVD filming here in Dallas. Having seen Rob since the 90’s the show was always amazing from that side of things. Now, it blows my mind how he tops himself every tour. We’ve got massive props that take up a whole semi by themselves, and just big explosions, and to have it all on DVD, which Rob has never done before, it’s a time and place in history right now. That’s the biggest thing I’m gonna take away.

Amps: What’s next after this? Take a break, or keep going?

Ginger: We only have a couple weeks off after this. Then we go to Sturgis! I’m a bike guy and I’ve never been to Sturgis before. This time we have a day off before, so I can take it in. Then we have a couple of radio festivals. After some more time off we play Rock In Rio, which I’m excited for! Love it down in South America! I’ve done a lot of video DJ’ing there. And of course Rob’s Great American Nightmare for Halloween, featuring stuff from all the movies. We’ve always got something going (laughs)!


At this point, it was time to wrap it up. Ginger had a long day ahead of him as it was only four p.m. I thanked him for his time, and he was kind enough to take a picture with me. This new Rob Zombie album is definitely better for him playing on it, and I also think they are a better live band with Ginger back there holding it down.

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