Horisont – Time Warriors


I can’t say this enough. I love what I do. And if I wasn’t doing this, I wouldn’t be able to share my latest find with you guys, Sweden’s own Horisont. Their third album Time Warriors is set for release on October 1 via Metal Blade Records (thanks for the tip, Carine!), and it is a tasty slab of 70’s inspired rock. Everything about this record screams vintage: the production, the song structures, the vocals, hell, even the cover art. Think early Scorpions, some Blue Oyster Cult and late-OZZY Black Sabbath, with a dash of ZZ Top, and a pinch of Grand Funk Railroad, and you get the idea.

Things start off with “Writing On the Wall”, a mid-tempo rocker that will have you swearing up and down that you’re listening to vinyl. “Diamonds In Orbit” hits a little harder riff-wise, and is another cool tune. However, we do encounter a problem early on. I can only describe the next song “Ain’t No Turning Back” as not very good. If you listen to the verses, and even Axel’s vocal, it sounds like a rearranged Bark At the Moon done hippie-style. No bueno.

The band rebounds nicely with “Backstreet” featuring a dual guitar line reminiscent of Thin Lizzy. This is one of the best songs on this record, without a doubt. Next up is a slow grinder, sung entirely in Swedish “Vand Tillbaka”, but the language isn’t even a distraction because the music is so good. “She Cried Wolf” is all drummer Pontus, and another great one. “Brother” keeps this kickass party rollin’ with no signs of slowing down. This song makes me sad that more bands don’t play this simple rock ‘n’ roll anymore. Nowadays it’s all guyliner,  screeches, and wails.

“Dodsdans” is once again sung in the band’s native tongue over an arrangement you’d expect to hear on Never Say Die or Technical Ecstasy from the aforementioned Sabbath, and “Eyes of the Father” has shades of Ted Nugent in there, which is fucking awesome! The record comes to a close with the aptly-titled “All Things Must Come To An End, Part I & II”. It’s got a tight guitar rhythm and gallops toward the finish line in fine fashion.

Bottom line: if you’re a fan of any and all of the bands I referenced in this write-up, then you’ll love Horisont. Time Warriors is an album that shows how it can be done without gimmicks, overproduction, or bullshit. If the music’s good enough, it should stand on its own. And believe me, it does. With the exception of one misstep, this is a great album start to finish. Check them out, you won’t be sorry.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Backstreet”, “She Cried Wolf”, “Brother”, “Eyes of the Father”

RATING: 9/10

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