Okta Logue – Tales Of Transit City


I was first introduced to Okta Logue over the summer by my dear friend Caitlin. She knows my eclectic tastes and figured I’d be into these guys. She was right. I did a brief write-up, again over the summer, and I said that they were a great blend of the 60’s and 70’s combining the best parts of each. Their new album, Tales Of Transit City is out everywhere now via The End Records. This is the kind of record you have on REPEAT all day while you’re just lounging around the house, or out on the back deck.

The songs have a very easygoing vibe, and at times they sound a bit like early Pink Floyd. This is particularly true of opener “Transit”, which immediately sets the tone for a mesmerizing listening experience. On “Mr. Busdriver”, the harmonies are deep and lush, and on “Dream On” you can just imagine these guys whiling away in the afternoon somewhere. It glides along effortlessly like that.

The arrangement on “Let Go” definitely is reminiscent of The Doors in their early years. Another thing I liked about it is the way it’s all brought together with a vintage sound, but the production isn’t muddy like some of the records produced back then were. And that wasn’t the fault of the Paul A. Rothchilds or the Eddie Kramers of the world, the technology just didn’t exist then. “Chase the Day” is another simple, piano-driven song with an easy-breezy vocal line you can get lost in on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Guitars take the lead for first single and video “Judith” which will have most people involuntarily bobbing their heads to it.

“Cats In the Alley” is one of the more psychedelic cuts on the album. The Floyd well is drawn from once again for “Just To Fall Asleep”, and about midway through it ramps up the intensity just enough to make you turn your head in the direction of your stereo without being jarring or grating. A lengthy organ intro ushers in album closer and nearly eight-minute epic “You”, a watery, murky affair that features some fine guitar soloing over a really groove-laden jam. This is one of the best cuts on the disc, no question.

Okta Logue clearly know what they like, and who their influences are, and they aren’t shy about it at all. And they pay homage to these influences so well that it’s very easy to get lost in the many Tales Of Transit City. And you may find yourself forgetting all your cares for awhile, too. Pick it up and see for yourself, you won’t be sorry.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Judith”, You”, “Mr. Busdriver”, “Let Go”

RATING: 9/10

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