Gypsyhawk: Fear of Spiders and The Battle Royale

Gypsyhawk: Fear of Spiders and The Battle Royale | Amps and Green Screens

This was NOT your typical interview. I caught up with Eric from Gypsyhawk while he was driving through Wisconsin to get to the gig in Minneapolis, MN that night. And because the whole band was there in the van, Eric and I thought we’d include everyone in the question process. As an added bonus, I made sure to ask some off the wall stuff. When all was said and done, we all got a pretty good laugh, and hopefully I broke up the monotony of their drive a lil bit..

Amps: OK. First up: Hard drinking, life loving, rib chomping, woman stealing, full housin’ mother fuckers. That’s how you describe yourselves. I love it!!

Eric: (Laughs) Thanks, man.

Amps: Yeah, I knew this wasn’t gonna be dull when I saw that bio. How’s the tour going? How’s the crowd response?

Eric: Great. Last night was our first gig, and there were a lot of people there, and they were all into it. Everything went off without a hitch, too.

Amps: I was saying to Carine at Metal Blade, “How the Hell did I miss these guys, and not get into em sooner?”

Eric: Hahahaa, we stay hidden, man.

Amps: Tell me something about each one of you that the fans DON’T know: Not the usual boring interview claptrap. Go!

(At this point I got a combination of real and fake answers. You be the judge!)

Eric: I’m scared of spiders. The band is scared of spiders! Ian (Brown, drums) is LeBron James’ personal trainer. Ron (Houser), as much as he loves to drink, doesn’t really enjoy drinking that much. This is a hard question, and it shows how little I know these guys! Andrew (Packer) is studying electrical engineering. Oh, and the first time Ron went 100 mph in a vehicle he was nine years old.

Amps: What’s a CD people would be shocked that you own?

Eric: I jam on the reg to Mark Ronson, and Ian probably owns 12 Michael Buble albums. (Laughing) I feel like the purpose of this interview is to ruin us!

Amps: Hahahaa, no not at all! Out of the four of you, in a Battle Royale, who wins?

Eric: Oh, me. I win. Because I hide and wait for the other guys to kill themselves off, and then by default I win!

Amps: Nice one!! Ok. Serious question time: This CD (Revelry & Resilience) is a bit of an evolution and a progression over the last one. Was that a conscious effort?

Eric: Oh it was totally something I decided to do. We had a different guitar player and drummer this time around, and we just kind of felt it out. Plus, on the first record there were maybe four straight up rock songs. And listening, I just felt like I wanted to do more of that this time and less proggy, experimental shit on the album and keep everything to a formula where people could get down with it, dance, and have a good time. And hope fully on the next one, we’ll keep it rock with some killer hooks.

Amps: Speaking of…Is there any timetable on that record?

Eric: I think we’re slated to record in March 2014, with a summer release, hopefully.

Amps: How long to you plan to be on the road this time out?

Eric: I think our last gigs are first week of December, then home, take a break before we go to the studio.

Amps: What do you guys do outside the band to unwind?

Eric: I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. Ian’s into hiking and playing sports, and all day & night drinking. Erik lives around Hollywood so he goes hiking out there. Andrew likes to shoot guns.

Amps: Do you guys write on the road at all?

Eric: I can do some writing on the road. I have a voice recorder in case any ideas come to me, so I can work them out when I get a chance. But usually we’re too busy doing something silly.

Amps: Right, like this type of interview! Is there anything you wanna say to your fans out there?

Eric: Stay cool. Come out to a show if you can, and please come say hi to us if you do.


As I mentioned earlier, this was NOT your typical interview! And I still can’t believe that Gypsyhawk went unnoticed by me for as long as they did. Well, no longer. They are a great band, a great bunch of guys, good sports, and I look forward to catching them next time they’re in the Dallas area.

2 comments to “Gypsyhawk: Fear of Spiders and The Battle Royale”
2 comments to “Gypsyhawk: Fear of Spiders and The Battle Royale”

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