Getting Nutty and Crazy With Havok at Trees

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I had yet another chance to talk to the guys in Havok at last month’s show at Trees Dallas. Pete Webber, Michael Leon, Reece Scruggs, and David Sanchez were kind enough to give me a couple of minutes before sound check, just to touch base since the summer tour.This was our third interview, and I still can’t believe they’re not sick of me yet. For those of you keeping score this is our SIXTH feature on Havok, and things got a little crazy on this one. But hey, as long as they’ll keep letting us hang out and cover them, we are happy to do so:

Amps: OK, guys. First things first. I have a message from Mark Osegueda, Death Angel. I talked to him last weekend, and he says to say, “What’s up, and that he loves the band”. Also, when I asked him about who he liked in today’s newer thrash bands, he said, “Havok. Those guys do it ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.” That’s a direct quote.

Reece: That’s killer that you bring that up, because a friend of mine just sent me a message that he said the same thing!

Amps: He is a big fan. You guys have a lot of fans in the community, though. A lot of guys say Havok when I ask who they’re listening to.

David: We love what they do, too!

Amps: How’d the summer run go? We talked at the beginning of it.

Michael: That seems like an eternity ago.

Pete: It only ended a couple weeks ago.

David: Tour was good, lots of headbangin’. Some really packed shows.

Amps: A couple of van mishaps, I see.

Reece: When you spend all your time on the road, that’s to be expected. 50-something days straight-

Pete:  Something’s gonna break!

Michael: Driving thousands of miles, something’s gotta go wrong.

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Photo: Darkhouse Image

Amps: On the summer tour, what new songs got the most rise out of the crowds?

David: They went pretty gnarly for “I Am the State”, “Liberty”…

Michael: “Unnatural Selection”, too. The end of the set’s slammed with super-fast songs.

Amps: Are you guys pumped to be out with Soulfly, who are pretty much royalty? Had you met them before?

David: I work at venues in Denver, and never got to meet them, so this is pretty cool.

Michael: Max (Cavalera) came right up to us and was like, “It’s real cool to meet you guys.

Reece: Then he says, “You’re album’s great.” And Marc Rizzo (Soulfly guitarist) said the same thing. Seeing him shred before sound check is just…that’s never gonna get old, day-to-day for me!

Amps: Can each of you tell me what the one thing is you took away from your summer run? What’s the coolest thing that you’ll never forget?

David: Heavy MTL. There were lots of great shows, but that one takes the cake. (Michael, Pete, and Reece all agree)

Amps: How do you guys keep it together and stay sane out here?

Michael: Gameboy.

Reece: Get inside your head. Just take a breather, even if you can’t take a breather. If you’re around your dudes all the time, just get inside your head, listen to some music, write.

David: “Everyone, shut the fuck up for a minute!!”

Reece: Yeah, even just to turn the music off in the van and let it air out for a bit.

David: Listening to things that aren’t metal sometimes. And a lot of reading.

Reece: Sometimes when you’re driving, just hearing the road. No one’s talking, no music. Just really, really focus and think.

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Photo: Darkhouse Image

Amps: Any surprises we can expect tonight? (what happens next serves me right for asking!)

David: (with an evil grin) I’m gonna cum on everyone’s face! EVERYONE!

Reece: I’m gonna light myself on fire.

Michael: I’m gonna light Pete on fire.

David: I’m gonna light Pete on fire, then jack off in his face.

Amps: Pete is the last line of defense! What are you guys doing??

David: He’s the smallest one, we can pick on him the easiest.

Pete: Yeah!

Amps: And how come the smallest guy was parallel parking the van and trailer?

Reece: More experience. He’s a great driver.

Amps: I would need four phone books to do that! (Band starts laughing) What’s the favorite movie for the band to sit and chill to?

Michael: How High, or Dumb and Dumber is a go-to.

Pete: Ace Ventura, or anything funny to break up the monotony.

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Photo: Darkhouse Image

Amps: As I’ve asked you before, what do you wanna say to all your Havok fans out there?

David: Thank you for listening to our band and giving a shit about riffs!

Reece: Keep spreading the word, and we’ll keep spreading our seed.

(Whole band cracks up, me as well!)

Amps: (Laughing) I can print all of this??

Reece: Sure, man! I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it!

Michael: I can’t really follow the seed-spreading. MORE seed-spreading! Thank you for spreading the seed.

Pete (the voice of reason?): Keep an eye on the dates, and we’ll see you on the road.


As you can tell, this one devolved into some silliness rather quickly. But we all had a good laugh. The guys in Havok are such cool dudes, they’re one of my favorite fucking bands, and as much as they were kidding around during our interview, onstage they are all business. They are one of THE best live bands out there right now, and I will continue to shout it from the rooftops. So GO SEE THEM!!

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