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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is back with his new band, Doyle. Now, right away I’m gonna say this, just so we can move past it. YES, it sounds like The Misfits (his old band, DUH!) in places. With him and Misfits alum Dr. Chud on drums what would you expect?? And of course they are a horror-themed outfit. Hey, if it ain’t broke, right? So with that, let’s have a look at the debut album Abominator, also featuring bassist “Left Hand” Graham Reaper and Cancerslug vocalist Alex Story.

The title track gets things started with an agonizing scream from Story followed by a doom/sludge tempo for the first 30 seconds before steering into riff-induced rock/metal territory. “Learn to Bleed” is an exercise in neck-wrecking speed with mean, angry vocals, but the kicker is that you can understand every word, which is important since each one of these songs is like a mini scary story. Both “DreamingDeadGirls”, and “CemeterySexxx” are odes to necrophilia, the former well-steeped in The Misfits sound, and the latter almost a cross between Rob Zombie and punk rock.

Speed is very much a factor on “Headhunter” as clearly, Doyle came to pound on you a little bit, and first single “Valley of Shadows” has a delightful sing-along vibe to it while it tells of swinging from the gallows. The tightness of the band is showcased here, too, as there’s a small breakdown just before the last chorus. One of the things that make “Land of the Dead” among others really rock is Doyle’s chunky-style riffs. He can go fast with them, or simply pummel you about the head and neck area if he chooses to. A perfect example of this is “Love Like Murder” with its slower tempo, but the guitar cuts deep, and the overall sound is thick as molasses. Then, it abruptly takes off, sounding like something Metallica would’ve recorded for an old punk-influenced EP.

The intro to “Mark of the Beast” is one of my favorite musical moments on the album, not that the rest of the song is bad; it’s not. But I really liked the guitar tone used on that intro. The rest of the song has a mid-tempo swagger and is definitely one of the better ones on the record. The same can’t be said for “Bloodstains” however. This one kind of just plods along, and wasn’t very memorable at all. But closer “Hope Hell Is Warm” quickly gets us out of that funk for a boot-stompin’ four-on-the-floor good time. All in all, Doyle have put out a good record in Abominator. It’s got elements of punk, thrash, and straight up rocking metal to it, and makes for an enjoyable listen, so go check it out.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Mark of the Beast”, “Headhunter”, “Valley of Shadows”, “Land of the Dead”

RATING: 8.5/10

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