Son Of Swan: Converting The Masses In Deep Ellum – Dallas, TX 12/5/13

Son of Swan-TreesDallas N

Last Thursday Son of Swan played at Trees Dallas with Fates Warning. Now, you all know what a big fan I am of these guys, so naturally I was pumped for this gig. Billy Walker (drums), Anthony Morel (bass), and Neil Swanson (guitar) are the best power trio to come along in years…YEARS!! And any band out there should be honored to play with them. But enough gushing, let’s get to it!

Son of Swan-TreesDallas12513_1It was a crappy night out there, and the poor first band of the night Revengeance didn’t play to that many people. Luckily Trees filled up more by the time Son of Swan came on. Opening with “S.O.S.” one of their heavier riff-oriented songs, a familiar thing happened. People were standing there not knowing what to make of them, which lasted all of ten seconds, because you can’t NOT get into this band when they play. And the applause and cheers just got louder and louder with each song. I love to people watch at their gigs for this very reason. You can SEE the conversion on people’s faces, especially my friend Justin who couldn’t stop talking about them after their set.

“30K Curse” was next, with a state-of-the-art light show going on behind them and then it was time for Damian’s favorite: “Dog Days”. I have shared the YouTube video for this a thousand times, and will share it a thousand more because I absolutely love this song. I have said it before and I’ll say it again; take the best parts of Steve Vai and Eric Johnson and that’s the best way to describe the fluidity with which Neil Swanson plays. Hell, Mr. Vai was so impressed with the band that they opened for him here in Dallas just a few weeks ago. What’s that say about your band, huh?

Son of Swan-TreesDallas12513The stop-on-a-dime “Medley” is always one of my favorite parts of the show, featuring some of the most famously riff-tastic rock and roll songs in history, put together seamlessly. Billy and Anthony are one of the best live rhythm sections I have ever seen, locked in a vacuum-sealed pocket that blows me away every time I go to a show, and Neil has so much fun during this one it’s impossible to get the grin off his face! So now it was time for some newer stuff, first “Egypt” and then “Cry Out”, both of which I have heard before and both of which need to be released to the masses yesterday.

One more new one “Tank Top”, and then the perfect closer “All Good Things” brought Son of Swan’s evening to an end. Along with “Dog Days”, this one has my other favorite solo in their catalog. I know for sure some new fans were made on this night to go with those of us already in the know. I am so happy to see great things happening for this band, and not just because I’ve gotten to know them personally, but because I believe in them. And at the rate they’re going, the number of believers will keep growing and growing.

Get out and see them, they play Dallas all the time; you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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