Shores Of Elysium – Entity In The Void


After a week or so of mostly power metal and AOR, it was time to get down and dirty with some serious fucking heaviness. Shores of Elysium have been brought to my attention by my dear friend Ebony Jeanette and with good reason. I tend to go pretty heavy, but she listens to some stuff that quite frankly terrifies me. This band however, she knew would be right in my wheelhouse. The album, Entity In the Void, is the band’s second, and as of this writing they are unsigned. Somehow I don’t see that being the case for long.

The first thing that you’ll notic-no, that’s wrong. The first thing that will grab you by your goddamn throat is the brutality and technical prowess of the musicians in this band!! Tightly wound with breakdowns galore and some blast beats hither and yon, the music is instantly loveable. The vocals are guttural and visceral as well. Put it all together and you have one very impressive recording, similar to Heart of a Coward’s release this year, which I loved. Songs like “Mindsculpt” and “The Principle of succession” alternate between face-melting and “How’d they do that?” arrangements. Have I mentioned how good these guys play??

But let’s not overlook Dylan Glendening’s vocals, either. He goes from the guttural growl to the higher-pitch screams with what I imagine is relative ease. This is especially true on “Vulture Horticulture” (what the HELL did I just say??) which is just one badass motherfucker of a song start to finish! I am also a big fan of “Xenogenesis”, too. The beginning of “Transhumanist” is also a high point of the record, as is the rest of the song, especially when it shifts from 3rd to 5th gear without telling anybody, then hits the breakdowns. Really cool stuff. “Awaken the Sires” resides somewhere in Blast Beat Central and is another winner, without a doubt.

I also loved “Infinite” right away. This is the kind of song that makes you wanna hurl televisions out of hotel rooms, rock star-style. Relax, I’m not gonna do it. Doesn’t mean I don’t WANNA do it. Album closer “Envenomation” is another killer track, and the epitome of what a final song should be: loud, ass-kicking, and in-your-face. This one will definitely have you hitting repeat several times.

All told, I really dig this band. And I think Shores of Elysium are going places. What boggles my mind is that they’re unsigned. Execs should be lining up to grab these guys, but hey, what do I know? Oh that’s right, I’m just a fucking fan of bands that melt faces and beat the shit out of eardrums! Big thanks to Ebony for turning me onto these guys!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Infinite”, “Envenomation”, “Vulture Horticulture”, “Xenogenesis”, “Transhumanist”, “Awaken the Sires”

RATING: 9/10

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