M-19 – Mission: Destroy

M-19 PIC 2

Alright, alright, alright. It’s time to get into some Brazilian Thrash Metal in the form of M-19, a band I know absolutely nothing about since materials on them are scarce, but my good friend at Metal Temple, Lior Steinmetal, sent them to me, so here we go! I have to say, this is a most welcome change from some of the other stuff I’ve been getting the last few weeks. It has ranged from the cheesy to the noisy with barely anything good to sift out of the sonic wreckage. Well today I am happy, because I really like this album Mission: Destroy from these boys in M-19. Good, solid thrash metal that’s got the right blend of riffs and grooves if you ask me.

The album opens on a slow, doom metal note for a bit with “Destructor” which I found confusing at first, but I figured I’d hang in and see what happens. I’m glad I did because the second half of the song and “I Kill For God” picked up the pace nicely. Album favorite “Southern Brave” is definitely one of those tracks that will go on several playlists in the near future, along with “Cult of Suffering” and “Disequilibrium”.

There are also some noisier tracks on the record that pack a punch like “Resistance” and “171”, both of which have some cool riffage and are good songs, too. But another one I really dug was “Thermical Death” with its tempo changes and interesting bass runs. “Ecocide” is definitely an angry one that strives to convey that sentiment and will have heads banging for sure. Final track “School of Crime” is another strong one that I found instantly memorable thanks to a somewhat different guitar tone that really made the riffs stand out.

Overall Mission: Destroy is a damn good record and while it’s not exactly groundbreaking, it’s still worth checking out, and I also think M-19 will make a worthwhile addition to your stable of Thrash Metal bands.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Southern Brave”, “School of Crime”, “Cult of Suffering”, “Disequilibrium”

RATING: 8/10

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