The Amps And Green Screens Top 25 Albums Of 2013!!

I never thought we’d top 2012 in terms of kickass new music. Boy, was I wrong!! So many fantastic records came out in 2013 that I had to do a Top 25 Albums list because it would have been criminal to just do a Top 10. So without further ado, here they are, my Top 25 Albums of 2013, with explanations for the Top 10. I can’t wait for y’all to start screaming at me, so let’s have some fun, shall we? Starting with:

Queensryche 2013 Cover

1. Queensrÿche – With this self-titled album released in June, Queensrÿche simply crushed the competition.

2. Gemini Syndrome – LUX – Phenomenal record. If Queensrÿche hadn’t released such an amazing record, this would have been the runaway #1, no question.

3. The Winery Dogs – Mike Portnoy, Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan…need I say more? Great songs from three masters.

4. Hey! Hello! – The ultimate feel-good summer album of 2013 and many summers to come here in the A&GS household!

5. The Naked and Famous – In Rolling Waves – One of the most deeply affecting albums of 2013 for me, and “Hearts Like Ours” is also my Song of the Year for 2013.

6. Dream Theater – They’re back with a vengeance.

7. Stryper – No More Hell to Pay – Last album was a home run. This one was a GRAND SLAM!

8. Havok – Unnatural Selection – First thrash album on here and undeniably the best!!

9. Annihilator – Feast – Jeff Waters and Co.’s finest work in years.

10. Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed – Bottom line: This band put out their best album yet.

11. Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness

12. The Mission – The Brightest Light

13. Huntress – Starbound Beast

14. Fates Warning – Darkness In a Different Light

15. SOiL – Whole

16. Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods

17. Lita Ford – The Bitch Is Back…Live

18. Alter Bridge – Fortress

19. Sick Puppies – Connect

20. Pamela Moore – Resurrect Me

21. Death Angel – The Dream Calls For Blood

22. Darkane – The Sinister Supremacy

23. Artillery – Legions

24. Black Water Rising – Pissed and Driven

25. Hatriot – Heroes of Origin

There you go. No bells, no whistles, so silly fucking YouTube videos, or long-winded write-ups for each album. If there’s a band on here you’ve never heard of, or you’ve been meaning to check out, then do so, please. Each and every one of them were reviewed here on Amps and Green Screens. Expand your horizons. This could have easily been a Top 50, believe me!! OK. My work here is done. Don’t forget to comment, scream, yell, and rip me apart. I live for this stuff!



15 comments to “The Amps And Green Screens Top 25 Albums Of 2013!!”
15 comments to “The Amps And Green Screens Top 25 Albums Of 2013!!”
  1. What’s Done is Done…however, have you checked out REVERENCE…When Darkness Calls….It would have been nice to have seen them here. This release by them is way better than more than a few on your list…just say’n, not rippin’ ! 😉

    • Gary, Motörhead just missed the cut with an 8.5, and that’s because I didn’t like 3 of the 14 songs. But an excellent record, nonetheless!!

      SkySeasun, I did check out Reverence and they weren’t bad, but they really didn’t do anything to separate themselves from the power metal pack to me. I prefer Primal Fear. Thanks for the recommendation, though!!

  2. While I’m very happy Queensryche is at the top, Alter Bridge should be much higher. I think they out did QR, and that’s saying a lot coming from me.

    • Robin, while I highly enjoyed the Alter Bridge record, there were just some more that I liked better. And NOTHING, other than Queensryche, was topping Gemini Syndrome for me. My favorite new band on the planet. I also thought Stryper, Annihilator, and Dream Theater put out better albums than Alter Bridge. Michael Sweet had great things to say about Alter Bridge’s record in our recent interview which went up last week sometime. And I am already locked in to attending their show with Monster Truck in April, which I can’t wait for. I love them, I really do. But hey, it’s our differences that unite us in our love of this music, no?

    • Brad, Sevendust was an EXCELLENT RECORD, but it just missed my Top 25, sadly. They’re one of my favorite bands, too! And I have to say once again that I am just not a Nonpoint fan. I know, I know!! And I did NOT like the Kill Devil Hill record. I reviewed it here on the site, and was not very impressed. But thanks for weighing in, and keep checking the site. New stuff every day! \m/ \m/

  3. Queensryche #1….really? You talk about a snoozer. Being better than previous releases is a pretty low bar to set and they they “crushed” the competition with this one? I’d be really pissed to be on a list with Queensryche let alone be under them.

    That Annihilator record should have been knocked off this list simply for that god awful, corny love song.

    Death Angel TDCFB, sooooo overrated. A one note record with the singer screeching like a 14 year old girl. Boring!

    Stryper….did I really see Stryper on here? Enough said.

    Naked and Famous…how many slow building songs can you put on 1 record?

    Dream Theater…Images and Words was/is the only album associated with this band ever worth mentioning.

    The Winery Dogs…just because they are great musicians doesn’t mean the record is great.

    Lita Ford….are you shittin’ me??? Never was and never will be relevant. One song and a duet with Ozzy…what other songs could be on this record that makes it a top 25?

    What a list!

  4. Well, Radioactive…tell us how you REALLY feel, don’t hold back. I have to disagree with you on Lita Ford’s “relevance” because she is an icon in the rock and metal world, and I have a strong feeling you didn’t listen to The Winery Dogs’ album, either.

    As for most of your other issues with the list, I can safely say you’re in the minority, especially on Queensryche, Dream Theater and Stryper, but hey, it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

    • Lottilda, while I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Kvelertak’s latest, it just wasn’t enough to crack my Top 25. Like I said, there were so many great releases this year that I could’ve done a Top 50 or even 100!!

  5. While I loved the new QR album (got the TriRyche tattooed on my arm), I feel Fates Warning had a better record. QR was too short and too compressed (these “loudness wars” are killing good music). Amon and Death Angel should’ve been higher on the list. I need to check out some of the other bands listed in the comments. And to the dudes that knock on Stryper, this album rocked.

    • Disconnected, VERY TRUE on Stryper!! I’m catching quite a bit of grief for the order of my list it seems, hahahaa!!! This is why I love to make my yearly list, to spur the debate!! Thanks for weighing in and I hope you’ll keep checking us out, we have new stuff up all the time.

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