Throwdown – Intolerance


After a four year absence THROWDOWN return with an album that has all the subtlety of a 10-car pile-up. Intolerance, out January 21 via eOne Music, is like that relative you haven’t seen in years who comes up and punches you dead in the face at Thanksgiving. Actually, this whole record is a series of punches to the head, eleven of them to be exact. The same straight edge themes are prevalent, and there is still that rip-your-head-off level of aggression. Hell, if I worked out, this would probably be my go to CD for the gym, because all of these songs are tailor made for it.

First single “Avow” is faster than the rest of the record, but speed doesn’t replace the heaviness, thank the Gods. Last song “Condemned to Live” is easily my favorite with “Borrowed Time” a close second, the diga-diga of the kick drums a sonic foot up the ass and the riffs are surely in ample supply. Vocalist Dave Peters has written some great lyrics, too, particularly on “Suffer, Conquer.” The line of “Just what we need, another victim of austerity’s hand” isn’t something you’d find on a 5FDP album or some of the other silly “Bro-Core” bands littering the landscape today with that hot garbage they call music.

Other tracks like “Defend With Violence” have not only a killer groove, but lines like “The high road has collapsed” serve to make me grin evilly, and title track “Intolerance” is certainly flying the flag for the type of metal PANTERA pioneered all those years ago. “Without Weakness” is another song that will have you amped up and ready to take on the world, no question. What I like about THROWDOWN is that they’re not looking to reinvent the wheel, or metal/hardcore in general. These guys know what works for them, and all of the songs get right down to fucking business. Hell, the longest song is just over three minutes. This band strikes fast, strikes hard, and leaves you wanting more; very smart, I say.

I also have to mention “Born and Buried Alone” as another standout. A slow grinder with THE best and most effective solo on the whole record, this one blew me away. In short, Intolerance is the perfect album if you want to get a good workout in, or just vent some aggression, without subjecting yourself to mind-numbing frat boy and/or trailer park clichés. Because as heavy and angry as this music is, there is a lot of depth in the lyrics, which may surprise some of you. But to those of us already in the know, this ain’t news. Good to have you back, THROWDOWN!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Born and Buried Alone”, “Suffer, Conquer.”, Condemned to Live”, “Borrowed Time”, “Without Weakness”

RATING: 9/10

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