Bean: The Pride Of Dallas Looks To Take L.A. By Storm

Right after Christmas I was finally able to have a sit-down with the lovely and wonderfully talented Noelle Bean, known in the music world as BEAN. It was at the House of Blues Dallas before her farewell show/going-away party. You see, BEAN was headed off to Los Angeles to take her music to the next level, and while we here in Dallas were sad to see her go, the world needs her talents as much as, if not more than we do. We had some time after sound check so we just plopped down on a couch and talked about songwriting, unique recording methods, and her relationship with the guys in SON OF SWAN (our interview with Neil Swanson will be up very soon!). She is a sweet, friendly, beautiful young woman with a voice and a style that hearkens back to a time of truly great singer/songwriters. Very easy to talk to, and with a laugh that can light up a room, here is my interview with the one and only BEAN:

Noelle Bean | Interview with AMPS and GREEN SCREENSAmps: OK. The big move to L.A. is looming. What’s going through your head, what are you thinking and feeling?

Bean: I’m excited and kind of nervous not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s very exciting because I’m finally able to say that I’m moving there.

Amps: As far as songs go, “Lois Lane” is definitely my favorite. I was curious as to whether or not one might stand out for you that you’ve written and performed.

Bean: It’s hard because each song that I’ve written is a part of me and a part of my life story and situations that I’ve gone through, whether it be losing someone that was close to me, or somebody I’ve fallen in love with or a breakup. So it’s kind of hard, but if I had to pick ONE it’s probably “Cops and Robbers” just because it’s so funky and groovy.

Amps: So all the songs are autobiographical?

Bean: Yes.

Amps: You’ve got seven songs out now. In 2014 will you look to release another EP or go with a full-length release?

Bean: That’s a really good question, actually. We’re starting a new thing where we release in a year what we call two mini-albums. It’s basically the same idea as an EP, but at the end of the year we’re gonna be releasing those two mini-albums combined to make one full-length, and as a bonus feature we’ll have three extra songs or so. The first part of the mini-album series will be in March and I’m really excited about the songs we’re releasing for this one. They’re new ones so nobody’s heard these yet!

Amps: How often do you write?

Bean: (Smiling) oh gosh. It’s like a constant thing going on in my brain always. Onstage just now at sound check I got a new song idea from a song that I was writing last night at 3 a.m. I would say every day I have some sort of something brewing up there in my head.

Amps: So what do you do, hum the melody into the phone?

Bean: (Laughs) Totally! I have weird videos from whenever I’m driving. I don’t have time to go to the voice memo so I’ll just push CAMERA and slide it over for a video and I’ll just hum something. Then there’s all these crazy angles I get while trying to record this good song idea at the same time. It’s really unique!

Amps: “Cops and Robbers” has really taken off. You recently did the iHeartRadio gig in L.A. How has all this been for you?

Bean: You know, it’s kind of weird looking back on it with the list of everything that’s gone on over the past year, just because I don’t realize how much has happened until I look back on the bullet pointed list of everything I’ve accomplished. From opening for AUSTIN MAHONE and EMBLEM 3 to opening for HOT CHELLE RAE and playing for the Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert. It’s insane, and I don’t really know the degree of how big the shows are that I’m playing until after the fact. I’ll look back and be like, “Oh wow, that was actually a really big deal!” I try to keep a level head as me and Adam (Mehl, manager) say and just go out there and rock it.

Noelle Bean - Cops and Robbers | Amps and Green ScreensAmps: How did you get started playing with the guys in SON OF SWAN?

Bean: It was actually a blessing. I met this guy named Jay Saban who was a mutual friend of SON OF SWAN and me. I told him, “Hey I’m playing for (the late) KIDD KRADDICK on his morning show and I need a band, some talented musicians to make me sound as good as I can sound.” And he said, “Let me call some of my friends”. He called Neil Swanson and said, “Dude we need to get you and some amazing musicians together to play for this girl named BEAN” and we rocked it at KIDD KRADDICK and it was love. Now we’re like family, they’re the best.

Amps: There are a lot of videos online of you doing the songs acoustic. Do you prefer that, or the full-on electric show?

Bean: Me personally, because I’m a singer/songwriter, I love the stripped-down acoustic stuff. That is my niche.

Amps: It really seems like it to me, that really comes through in them. Random question: What’s in your iPod/CD player? Don’t think, just answer, GO!

Bean: Okay, I’ve gotta be truthful. I listen to a lot of LORDE, a lot of ED SHEERAN. I’ve been listening to a ton of JAMES TAYLOR lately, PINK FLOYD, and FOO FIGHTERS all night last night.

Amps: What’s your go-to, must-have CD?

Bean: Does it count if I say SPICE GIRLS (both of us laughing)?

Amps: We’ll call that one your “Guilty Pleasure” CD, how’s that?

Bean: Yes! My current must-have is probably ED SHEERAN’S album just because I resonate so well with his songwriting and how unique and clever his lyrics are in the way he words things. I really respect the fact that he is a true artist in that sense.

Amps: When you’re not working what do you do to unwind and relax?

Bean: I love to watch movies and eat a lot of candy. Maybe a glass of wine or two with that.

Amps: I know you’ve got a show to do, so I’ll let you go. But first, what would you like to say to your fans, the Beanies?

Bean: I would love to tell the Beanies that I love ‘em so much and I really do mean it whenever I say that without them I wouldn’t have a career. I wouldn’t be playing House of Blues right now and I wouldn’t be moving to L.A. Beanies includes my family, my band, my team, my lawyer and my manager, just amazing people who have been so selfless in supporting me. I love ‘em, they’re the best! | Follow us on Twitter: @ampsandgreen

 Big things are happening for BEAN. You can find her songs on ReverbNation as well as iTunes. They really are something, and I urge you to check them out immediately, if not sooner. Good luck in L.A., BEAN. Dallas misses you!!

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