Lynam – Halfway To Hell


I just got the new LYNAM EP Halfway to Hell. No really, I just got it on Monday. I can’t believe I didn’t know anything about these guys before now, considering they’ve been around over a decade, DUH! So let me tell you what I know now: LYNAM KICKS ASS! Birmingham, Alabama-based, they are a blend of 80’s arena rock and metal with a dash of H.I.M. and a few servings of The Cult all rolled into one. And if, like me, you grew up in a time when live shows were a party and the songs were tailor-made for driving fast, then this EP is for you. Shit, the first day I had it the damn thing played about six times before I could move onto something else.

As soon as opener “Rise Up” comes out of your speakers, you’ll know that you’re in store for. Jacob Bunton sings with authority and conviction, and the songs sound like they could just as easily been written back in the day as now. A big difference obviously is the sound mix because back then some albums were just terrible in that regard, whereas the production on Halfway to Hell is airtight. The title track and “Dead Man’s Parade” are both hard-rocking numbers armed with chugging riffs and tight grooves.

The one that really hooked me though in its first 30 seconds was “Cold”, which definitely has that H.I.M. feel to it but it still retains its own identity, as do LYNAM. They’re not looking to copy anyone or anything; they just play what they feel and wear their influences on their sleeves. And what’s wrong with that, I ask you, hmm? Up next is the blink-and-you’ll-miss it “Store Bought Halo”, an exercise in how to properly rip shit up in under two minutes. Just a killer track! Lastly we come to my other favorite “Wrong Side of the Grave”. The sound on this tune is thicker than the others, and the drums are heavier, too, the anthemic chorus serving as the cherry on top.

It’s funny. I was e-mailing my friend Doug over at New Ocean Media about something completely unrelated when he sent me LYNAM. When I responded raving about it he told me, “I KNEW you’d like them!” So I definitely have him to thank for my current LYNAM obsession. Six songs just aren’t enough, though. I hope these boys get back in the studio with a quickness. In the meantime you can find Halfway to Hell and all their previous works on iTunes. I cannot recommend this one enough!


RATING: 10/10

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