Twilight – Twilight III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb


Twilight III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb, is a step in another direction and supposed final chapter for the black metal super-group. The latest incantation of TWILIGHT features the likes of NACHTMYSTIUM’S Sanford Parker, LEVIATHAN and LURKER OF CHALICE’S Jef Whitehead, KRIEG’S Neill Jameson, THE ATLAS MOTH’S Stavros Giannopolous, and…wait…what? SONIC YOUTH’S Thurston Moore?! Initially, I was under the impression that Blake Judd (NACHTMYSTIUM) was part of this record, as he has been on the previous two. This was not the case, and cleared up by the good guys in TWILIGHT (thanks for setting me straight!). All of these creative musicians are the latest form of TWILIGHT and have put together a very unique album. While I would not describe this as your typical, straightforward black metal offering, it is certainly rooted in that style. If you have followed TWILIGHT from their self-titled debut record in 2005, through their sophomore effort, Monument to Time End, you know that these albums vary greatly from one another. Lineup changes for this project being the most clear answer, as you can tell these underground powerhouse musicians brand their mark on these songs.

Overall, this is a relatively slow to mid tempo record (it has its moments of blasts, though). It creates Polaroids in your minds that have seemingly been there for years, covered in a film of yellowed depression. As you begin the musical trip through this dark opus with the track “Lungs” and the second track “Oh, Wretched Son” you hear harsh screams that are, at moments, paired with layered yells of sickness. These songs, along with “Swarming Funeral Mass” make up the first half of the record. And that first half delivers a beaten down, diseased dose of blackened doom laced with experimental sections throughout, featuring synthesizers and some of the most spaced out and decayed sounding guitar leads you’ll ever hear. Beauty through cacophony, to say the least.

“Seek No Shelter, Fevered Ones” is the stand out track on this album, in my opinion. It’s also the longest, clocking in at 8 minutes and 45 seconds, and is certainly an epic. If there is one song that you must hear to decide if it’s for you, this is it! “A Flood of Eyes” follows and gives me a large influence of NACHTMYSTIUM’S Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1. I mean that in a positive way. Not in a “hey, this feels like a NACHTMYSTIUM B-side track” sort of way. Pummeling drums, speedy (yet beautiful at times) guitar riffs, and Blake’s signature screams make this a very close second place for me. The outlier of tracks is the closer, titled “Below Lights.” It features walls of noise with guitars and screams weaved throughout. You’ll find the dirtiest, grittiest song on the album right here. It portrays the sound of what I can only imagine would be the equivalent of a slow, flesh-peeling death. Like life, it ends abruptly and you are left to ponder what this dark record has made you experience. And it is nothing short of fantastic.

If you have experience with the bands that these members contribute most of their time to, you will easily see where their influence is injected into the veins of this album, and more than likely thoroughly enjoy it. The sum of the parts is greater than any single one part, and I feel that if this record lacked one member from this lineup, it would not have created the same sinister outcome. This is a perfect storm of sorts for the super-group, and a very strong final showing. Twilight III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb will be released via Century Media Records on March 18th, 2014.   ~ETB

STANDOUT TRACKS:  “Seek No Shelter, Fevered Ones”, “A Flood of Eyes”

RATING: 9.25/10


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