Rocco’s Remote: The Walking Dead Is Back!

MICHONE 1So, last Sunday found me realizing that The Walking Dead was back. One thing I’ve never been crazy about is how, sometimes, an episode is just about one or two characters, and nobody else is in it. Well, this time was a little different. Although I missed Maggie, Glen, and Darryl, we did have 3 people to watch. I think focusing on Karl a little more now is a wise move. Nobody has had more to deal with in this drama than him. The kid, and I emphasize the word KID, has had his normal childhood ripped from him and has been forced to deal with stuff that tends to speed up the maturation process in a young boy. From the zombie apocalypse that serves as the show’s backdrop, to the death of his mom( a death that he had to inflict to prevent said zombie-ism in her), and the death of his temporary step dad (again, at his hands sort of), to a lot of other horrible shit.

I really loved that they gave us some much wanted background story on Michone. I have wondered how she came to be the quiet Nubian Samari that we all love. Now, fast forward to this week and we see what happened to everyone else. There are a few surprises.( there you are Carol!) and the pairings are pretty amusing to me. Beth did great getting out with Darryl in terms of her being safe, but he’s not much for feelings and talking. Tyreese being partnered with two young white girls and an infant is downright hysterical. I can see one of the young girls that carol trained seems to be experiencing  a little mommy dearest moment with baby Judith as well.
It looks like they’re going to do a storyline that takes each small group and shows them now forced to survive outside the prison, since it’s been destroyed. In typical Walking Dead fashion, it looks like it will be a nail-biting crawl to the end. And from the looks of the trailer for next week, they’ve added a new governor-type to mix things up a little bit (just a hunch. Find successful formula, rinse. Repeat).And I can’t wait to see what happens in the survivor camp that part of the group is headed towards. New characters are always a plus to me.

Fast forward to this week, and the group, although splintered, seems to be slowly gravititating back towards each other. I believe that it may take forever, but they will all wind up back with each other. And we are continuing to see why the show seems to center around Rick. He’s just cool to watch, even by himself. Under a bed. With a watch.


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