Exmortus Deliver An Action-Packed Set At Trees Dallas – 2/25/14


Once again I was at my favorite spot, Trees Dallas, and once again I got my ass handed to me. This time it was by a killer band whose potent mix of neoclassical shred and thrash metal put a hurtin’ on the joint, EXMORTUS. I’ve been rocking out on the regular to new album Slave to the Sword, and since I missed them last November nothing was stopping me this time, dammit!

The band wasted no time opening a can of whup-ass with “Rising” and “Slave to the Sword”, guitarist David Rivera and guitarist/vocalist Conan trading licks while drummer Mario Moreno and bassist Jovanni Perez laid the sonic smackdown. Plus, David and Conan do this really cool thing onstage where they play each other’s guitars over each other’s backs during the set. It’s gotta be one of the coolest fucking things I’ve ever seen! Exhibit A:


After a brief hello to all in attendance, “Immortality Made Flesh” was next, stoking the fires and setting the stage for “Kneel Before the Steel” from 2011’s Beyond the Fall of Time album and “Triumph By Fire” from their 2008 debut In Hatred’s Flame. This was the perfect closer and a great way to cap off a short but powerful set by one of the brightest up-and-coming bands in metal today. The guys were also having a good time with friends and fans at their merch table, and I was able to have a drink with David. They’re all really friendly, so make sure you say hello at their next gig.


Just before EXMORTUS, local band COLOR OF AUM treated us to a potent combination of doom, sludge, and death metal. Local bands are very hit and miss with me, but I dig these guys and will try to catch them next time they’re playing. All in all, it was a great night, even if it ended kind of early.


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