Rocco’s Remote: Hannibal Keeps Killing It In Season Two

Hannibal Season TWO
“Yo, check it. Fucking Hannibal Lecter is the motherfucking bomb!” is what I would say if I were a 22-year old punk with my pants hanging below my waist. Since I have 20 years more maturing under my belt, (which is around my WAIST) what I will say is that Hannibal is simply superb.

We are just two episodes into Season 2, and the show picked right up where it left us at its freshman ending. Everyone’s favorite empath for psychotics, Will Graham, is in custody in Dr. Chilvers psychiatric ward, correctly blaming Hannibal for the crimes he is accused of.

The stellar review for the show’s first season here on A&GS mentions how Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t try to copy anyone else’s version of Lecter. How he makes it his own. Well. That is SO the case that I can barely remember Anthony Hopkins at this point! This guy is just incredible. His attention to detail both in his appearance and to every other aspect of his character is something I just can’t get enough of.

I was afraid that the storyline would kind of zigzag, given the nature of its inception, but the writers have a clear roadmap in mind and with that the actors (Lawrence Fishburne notwithstanding) are executing it with ease. If you haven’t seen the show, I strongly recommend that you sign up for Netflix and watch Season 1 of Hannibal so you can jump into 2 before it’s too late! Well? What are you waiting for? Go!

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