Rocco’s Remote: The Americans Sizzles In Season Two

The Americans Season TWOWith Season 2 now under way, I’ve thinking been thinking about why I like FX’s The Americans so much. Is it the spy stuff? Yes. Could it be that because I grew up in the 80’s, I’m fascinated about something that I was too young to think about? Probably. Is it because Keri Russell is hot and doing really sexy scenes in it? Clearly. Or, is it because they mention stuff that I remember fondly, like Intellivision and the first VCR’s? Absolutely.

Wednesdays opener was chock full of all the above and it did NOT disappoint on any level. The show’s regular cast is simply fantastic.

Although we’ve met other spies, one of the things that I felt was missing last season was other examples of the “family” units of Soviet sleepers supposedly in the country at the time. Wednesday we are introduced to a new couple, who, like Phillip and Elizabeth, are living double lives. It’s nice to see people that can relate to our main characters. To me, the show’s originality is what makes it so good. FX takes chances with its programming and it has clearly paid off. I can’t think of any other show, at least the ones that I watch, that is this original.

I just read an article in Rolling Stone about Joe Weisberg, who is the creator and executive producer for The Americans and learned that he spent a short time in the CIA. That in itself should lend more credibility to the show. But, it’s his views on the family aspect of spy life that I find so interesting. He says he never got over how emotionally powerful it was for an agent who worked in the field, and lied to his family for years, to one day tell them that they’ve been lied to for years. And I think that this season we will be seeing some glimpses of Phillip and Elizabeth’s daughter Paige as she suspects that there’s just something “off” about her parents.

Two episodes in and it remains a pure edge of your seat thrill ride. I feel like this season is on a pace to give me several small heart attacks before it’s over.  And I think Paige is definitely taking after her dear old Mom. I mean every kid wonders about their parents at some point in their lives but, that feeling isn’t quite what Paige’s mind is thinking.  I don’t want to give anything away though!

So sit back, grab some jiffy pop, unplug the Atari, and set the VCR to RECORD. Oh, and put the kids to bed, because this show is NOT for those who don’t remember what Cabbage Patch Kids are!

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