I Am Heresy – Thy Will


I AM HERESY is a six piece from the Tri-State area (mainly Delaware and New Jersey,) who recently released their latest album Thy Will via Century Media Records . Their sound is a nice mixture of hardcore and metalcore that reminded me of early KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, mainly the vocal styles of Jesse Leach. Nathan Gray (previously of BOYSETSFIRE) strings together a certain kind of painful, yet beautiful singing style, with a vulgar, in your face hardcore style of vocals that reminds me of bands such as BLACK FLAG and INTEGRITY.

Thy Will  is their second full length album that features 15 tracks and an additional 3 bonus tracks (18 total,) which covers a surprising range of musical features. The record begins with a track entitled “Rahabh,” which really digs into the band’s hardcore influences. This song is great for the two-steppers who do not want to wait to get their blood pumping. Fear not, for the first tasty metalcore track that listeners will encounter is “March of Black Earth,” which is the third track on the album. Not only does this mingle the already introduced hardcore style with appealing clean vocals from Nathan Gray, but that groove intervenes with riffs that you cannot help but headbang to. Also, the lyrics are something that grasped my attention, especially in this song. This line in particular:

“We have no regrets,

We’ve got tonight to raise the dead.”

These make up the last part of the chorus that Nathan Gray sings in “March of Black Earth,” but there is such a dark, embracing meaning of what it is like to be free at your most basic instinct of humanity.

Two more tracks that stuck out like an orange hat with a green bill on this record were “Alarm” and “Seven Wolves and The Daughters of Apocalypse.” “Alarm” stands out on its own because it is right away the softest song on the record, featuring an acoustic sound with soothing, slightly distorted, singing vocals. It is the one song on the record that features this, so I think that this short track will be appreciated by someone who does not even listen to metal. Quite honestly, I think the song is titled perfectly because I could set this as what I wake up to on my alarm clock and be okay with it. “Seven Wolves and The Daughters Of Apocalypse” is another bread and butter song that features not only the same sort of hardcore and metalcore harmonies, but a vocal groove that compliments the music all too well at the apex. If you are not bouncing up and down to this song, I do not believe you have a pulse.

In all, after listening to this record a handful of times and having it grow on me rather quickly, I would definitely do the honors of putting this track on my iPod. Thy Will by I AM HERESY has my approval.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Rahabh”, “March of Black Earth”, “Alarm”, “Seven Wolves and the Daughters of Apocalypse”, “As We Break”

RATING: 7.5/10


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