The Sweet Sound Of Honey Rockin’ Trees Dallas – 3/20/14

Honey @ Trees  by Darkhouse Image 2014-7

I’m gonna do something a little different here. Usually when I go see an established rock act if the opener was good enough to get my attention they get a nice little paragraph, sometimes two. Then it’s on to the major headliner. But I feel so strongly about Dallas-area band HONEY that they warrant their own separate discussion. They opened for the legendary Y&T at Trees Dallas on Thursday and proceeded to blow my goddamn doors off!

Honey @ Trees  by Darkhouse Image 2014-3Now, they came highly recommended to me by Tony West, singer of BLACKLIST UNION in an earlier interview. He raved about them to me, and the guy’s got great taste, so I made it a point to check them out posthaste. When I found out they were on this bill it was as if the stars aligned and the Rock Gods were smiling on me for a change.

I knew they were going to be on relatively early (8:30) because I spoke with lead singer/guitarist Kes O’Hara earlier in the day to let her know how excited I was to finally see HONEY in action and to meet the band. Now let me be clear. At this point I haven’t heard note one, but I just knew they were gonna be great. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea, I could just feel it.

So 8:30 comes and the band takes the stage, right? HOLEEMOTHEROFGOD the wall of sweet, sweet rock and roll beautiful noise that threw itself at me was out of this world! I’m talking 70’s style Zeppelin-meets-Heart riffage, fat thumping bass lines courtesy of Holly Wood and acrobatic drumming from Vinnie E. Parma, who hammed it up for the photographers in the pit. This made me giggle quite a bit, actually.

Newest member Rob Harris on guitar gave us that killer Les Paul crunch and some massive solos to boot.

Honey @ Trees  by Darkhouse Image 2014-4But to hear Kes sing is something truly magical. She is every bit the vocal powerhouse that’s advertised in the band’s bio. She puts herself squarely into every note she sings and that voice is big as life. It’s dirty, it’s raspy at times, and it truly embodies what a rock and roller should be: dirty, loud, and proud! For the handful of songs that HONEY played they certainly proved themselves more than up to the task of sharing the stage with seasoned vets and I’m making it my business to catch them every chance I get from here on out.

After the gig I got to finally meet Kes and Holly at their merch table where they signed a cool postcard for Mini-Amps and a t-shirt for me. Yis, believe it or not SOMETIMES I get something signed for me!!  By now you’ve all seen the picture on my Facebook page of me grinning like the Cheshire Cat between them (heavenly!). They really are as sweet as well, HONEY (see what I did there?), and Kes has taken to calling me “Dam-o” which she shouted eagerly upon our initial encounter. Hell, she could call me Clarence for all I care, as long as they keep cranking out their brand of rock and roll badassery. Look for the band’s debut sometime in the near future and be sure to catch HONEY live. You will NOT be disappointed!


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