Mindless Self Indulgence Brings Madness To The TLA: Philadelphia, PA – 3/23/14

MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE BRINGS MADNESS TO THE TLA PHILADELPHIA, PA – 32114 -2I ventured into Philadelphia yet again for another show. This time, it would be much different than my “typical” kind of concert. This was my first MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE gig! What better way to indulge myself mindlessly than to grab a legendary Philly cheese steak from Jim’s Steaks, just a short walk from the Theater of the Living Arts (TLA) Shortly after my excellent whiz without cheese steak, my girlfriend and I got in line with tons of eager fans, ready to enter the theater.

I have to be honest, MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE is one of those bands that I’ve always known about, but never got around to seeing. I vaguely know some songs here and there, but just never ended up checking out a performance. I was right up front by the time Jimmy Urine and friends were set to hit the stage. The band slowly appeared member by member, striking poses and interacting with the crowd. They busted right into “It Gets Worse,” the first song of their massive 21 song set. Right from the gate, the energy level went from low to through the fucking roof! The crowd was jumping, dancing, moving, and moshing to the music all night. Front man, Jimmy Urine, addressed the crowd as Tampa, Florida, telling us all how great Tampa is for excellent weather and being close to Disney, among other hilarious reasons. After the next three songs, which were “Shut Me Up,” “1989,” and “Stupid MF,” they paused to let guitarist, Steve, pick a song. With some comedic banter, he chose “Diabolical,” to the rowdy crowd’s delight.  At the conclusion of this song, Jimmy went on a mini-rant about Christians who listen to metal and how it doesn’t work. He brought SLAYER into it stating, “If you grew up listening to SLAYER, and you still believe in God, that shit didn’t work!” It was a hysterical monologue and the show was really making me feel like I was at a concert AND a comedy show simultaneously.

A few more songs were performed; including one of my favorite MSI jams, “Fuck Machine,” and then it was self-proclaimed Little Jimmy Urine’s turn to handpick a song to play. He chose the song “Clarissa.” For those of you who may not know, Jimmy was once on the Nickelodeon show “Clarissa Explains It All.” THIS is a very comical take on that. Following his choice, were excellent tracks such as “Never Wanted to Dance” and “Evening Wear.” Next in line to pick was drummer, Kitty. She chose “Backmask.” Succeeding this number were “Tornado,” “Ala Mode,” and “Dicks Are for My Friends.” Then, Jimmy Urine decided it was time to “summon the witch.” Steve played the signature riff to BLACK SABBATH’s “Sweet Leaf,” while Jimmy was doing some sort of ritual onstage. He turned and saw bassist, Lyn-Z, had returned to the stage, frightening him with a scream. Jimmy asked what she wanted to “do” and she replied, “Cocaine,” as the band proceeded to perform “Cocaine and Toupees.”

MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE BRINGS MADNESS TO THE TLA PHILADELPHIA, PA – 32114 -1Two songs trailed Lyn-Z’s choice, and then it was time for the encore. Jimmy told the crowd he thought the whole “walk off the stage just to walk back and play another song” thing was lame. I tend to agree with him. So, MSI took a different route. They let the crowd decide the song by giving us three options and taking a vote. The poll resulted in them playing one of my absolute favorite tracks, “Bitches.” Jimmy rapped it like a mad man and this song was the perfect finish to this fun, hysterically humorous night. People were smiling from ear to ear after their performance, and I was right there with them. There were rarely moments where I wasn’t laughing during their extensive set. I loved it!

Overall, MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE will deliver one of the highest energy shows you will ever witness. The entire band goes completely ape shit for the duration of the set. 21 songs in, and Jimmy was still full of energy and running around the stage. His antics during and between songs would make the most stone-faced person crack a smile and laugh. This band is a quartet of true performers and entertainers. Their music had a much heavier quality to it in a live setting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can’t wait to witness another party like this MSI party.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to my girlfriend, Edith, for inviting me to this show and taking some excellent photos while caught in the chaos that was the Philly crowd that Sunday night. You’re the best!



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