Gorguts And The Black Dahlia Murder Kicking Ass And Taking Names At Trees Dallas – 3/21/14

Goreguts @ Trees by Darkhouse Image 2014-3
Before I started Amps and Green Screens I would NEVER have imagined I’d be listening to Death Metal and loving it, much less attending a show. But this writing thing has made me even more open-minded musically than I’ve ever been. And so, on Friday I found myself on a LOOOOONG line to get into Trees Dallas so I could see GORGUTS on the DECIBEL Magazine Tour.  Now bear in mind, as far as I was concerned I was seeing GORGUTS first and foremost, and probably not gonna stay all through CARCASS’ set because I just wasn’t up for it. And I had ZERO interest in THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER because I wasn’t a fan. Wasn’t…past tense. But we’ll come back to that.

Goreguts @ Trees by Darkhouse Image 2014-2After a delicious meal with my usual partner-in-crime Darkhouse Image we headed over to the venue. As soon as we got in I made a beeline to GORGUTS’ merch table because I knew vocalist/guitarist Luc Lemay was running it, and I wanted an opportunity to thank him again for the wonderful interview he gave me about a month prior. This was the third night of the tour and he was very happy to inform me that the crowds have been insane and better than they could have imagined. That made me happy because I’m real big on this band and I want them to do well, especially after their lengthy absence.

It was such a nice night that we couldn’t bring ourselves to go back inside until we knew for sure that GORGUTS was up. Once we did, it was just wall-to-wall people. And as is ALWAYS the case when I’m rockin’ one of my OVERKILL shirts, I got stopped no less than six times by metalheads flashing the Horns and saying, “OVERKILL, dude!”. Ah man, I love it!! Next thing I knew the house lights went down and the show began. “Le Toit du Monde” was the first of four cuts from newest album Colored Sands, a record that was universally praised last year and for good reason. I’m no expert but it’s heavy as fuck!! “An Ocean of Wisdom” was up next, followed by “Forgotten Arrows”, one of the album’s best in my opinion.

Luc addressed the crowd in his thunderous yell which is SUCH a contrast to his speaking voice and did exactly what he came to do: rile everybody up so he could bash their skulls in with title track “Colored Sands”!! Sadly, there was time for only one more, “Obscura” from the landmark album of the same name. But what a way to end their set! The audience ate it up and there’s no doubt in my mind that when GORGUTS makes their return to Dallas they’ll be given a hero’s welcome.

Now…about this band THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. I don’t know what happened exactly, but when I saw them in ’08 I was ready to jump off the balcony of the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City because it was nothing but noise to me. But I have to tell you, every one of you that after this live show at Trees, Holy Fuck, am I a believer now!! Vocalist Trevor Strnad just does not care and he threw himself mind, body, and soul into their set on Friday. Faces were melted, and from what I could see the pit was outrageous.

The Black Dhalia Murder @ Trees  by Darkhouse Image 2014-3Our own Eric the Bull informed me that their newfound energy has something to do with new members helping to reinvigorate the band. Well, whatever it was it worked for me because I bought everything I could find on iTunes later that night. I’m not even gonna insult you guys and act like I knew what songs were played when in their monster of a set, all I know is it kicked my ass and they have a new fan. I went to Trees looking to see/hear one killer Death Metal band, and got my ass handed to me by TWO. If that’s not a great night, I don’t know what is. Luc was kind enough to talk some more with me after GORGUTS set and I could tell he wants to get back here and play longer soon. Luc, we can’t wait to have ya!

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