Calabrese At Mojo Main: Newark, DE – 3/29/14


CALABRESE is a band made up of three brothers. You’ve got guitarist/vocalist Bobby, bassist/vocalist Jimmy, and drummer Davey. And yes, they are all actual blood brothers with the last name CALABRESE. I have had very little knowledge about the band up until I saw them on March 29 at Mojo Main in Newark, Delaware. I had heard songs here and there and had a general familiarity with their sound; horror punk infused with rockabilly. I figured they would be a really fun band to catch live, and I was absolutely right. Since I’m a newbie when it comes to this band, I won’t sit here and rattle off song title after song title, as if I actually was familiar with their catalogue. Rather, I will give you my overall opinion on their show; the opinion of a neutral party seeing a band for the first time with no preconceived notions about them.

CALA 3The three CALABRESE brothers took the stage with a cool attitude. They wore all black and sported black leather jackets with their band’s name on the back. Their look was a cross between the greasers of the 1960’s and a biker gang. Kicking into their set, the energy level spiked through the roof of the small bar. Although they are not the biggest band, there were many passionate fans in attendance that Saturday night. The trio really made their appreciation for their fans known throughout their set. Bobby and Jimmy both sounded great on vocals, especially during their harmonies. I feel like most bands have harmonies on their albums and fail to execute them correctly live. Well, this is not the case with CALABRESE. Each member of the band engaged the crowd at different times between songs. Even their drummer, Davey, came out from behind the kit to grab the mic and pump up the crowd. All three guys seemed genuinely happy to be onstage. Their performance showed just that and it was excellent to witness.

The horror punk trio blasted through song after song in their monstrous hour and fifteen minute set. Their set might have been shorter, but once they put their instruments down, the rowdy Delaware crowd immediately began chanting “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!” They once again picked up their instruments, applauded the crowd’s tenacity, and rocked out three more songs. This was the ideal rock show. It was barebones, intimate, high energy, engaging, and LOUD!

After they wrapped up their set, they encouraged everyone in attendance to hang out, take pictures, and get stuff signed, whatever we wanted. I briefly spoke to Jimmy and let him know that I thoroughly enjoyed the set and it was my first chance to see them. He was appreciative and thanked me for giving them a chance. That really blew me away. You thanked me? What humble and nice guys. I will certainly catch them the next time they are around my area. It was a BLAST. Be sure to check dates for their I Wanna Be a Vigilante Tour to see when they will ravage your town!



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