Lost Society – Terror Hungry

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I have never heard of this band Lost Society, and quite frankly, I’m pissed that I haven’t until now!  For me, this album is perfect for the kind of music I have been looking for lately. Before the third spin of Terror Hungry, I already had riffs and hooks stuck in my head; next thing I know, I’m head banging on the way to work with this as my soundtrack.

The album openers “Spurgatory” and “Game Over” flow together well with a hilarious intro of someone cracking open a beer and saying, “yaaa mom!!!! Hahahahaaa” and then the carnage begins with a slow, heavy groove section filled with walking bass lines. “Game Over” is the true opener. A very memorable song that grabs your attention from the start. This one is very reminiscent of early MEGADETH and METALLICA, with a tradeoff solo section that sounds like it belongs on Rust in Peace. The next track “Attaxic” doesn’t let up; this is the first song to really show the musicianship this group has along with their punk attitude.

There are a lot of fun songs on this album. The next two, “Lethal Pleasure” and “Terror Hungry” showcase this perfectly. They offer a lot of variety in the rhythm department, showing that these guys know how to structure songs and keep things interesting. There’s even a hint of RUSH-type bass grooves in the title track. When I first heard “Snowroad Blowout”, I was hooked. I was immediately reminded of the PANTERA song “The Art of Shredding” which really says a lot about this track, my favorite from this offering so far. “Tyrant Takeover” is the perfect song to follow, which is another standout track. All of the musicians shine and this rager is filled with plenty of solos.

I have nothing bad to say about anything on this record. By the time I made it to “Overdosed Brain” I’d thought I’d heard it all and I was wrong. This song is one of the most diverse offerings where you can definitely hear the band’s influences. “Thrashed Reality” lives up to the title completely, starting out with a punk/hardcore vibe, but then throwing you into a circle pit with a no holds barred thrashing section. “F.F.E.” is the shortest track clocking in at 2:40; it’s a straightforward song in an old school vein.

The intensity never lets up while listening to Terror Hungry. The last three tracks flow together perfectly to close this thrasher up. “Brewtal Awakening” shows us more of a rock n’ roll / southern metal influenced side of the band. It’s back to business with “Mosh it Up” which is a song that just makes you feel good with lyrics instructing you to put your fists up in there and mosh it up! This one is sure to be played live. The album finishes up with an all too familiar title of “Wasted After Midnight” where I’m sure many of us, me included, have been on many occasions!

I will be giving Terror Hungry many listens in the near future, I highly recommend this record if you are a fan of the thrash revival of the last few years and the originators of thrash period. This album is a party in itself, with very memorable songs and many subtle funny things that you just don’t get a lot of today.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Game Over”, “Snowroad Blowout”, “Tyrant Takeover”, “Brewtal Awakening”

RATING: 9/10


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